It takes a special kind of girl to know exactly what she wants...

Toby Mastallone (Jami Gertz) wants to trade her local diner for upmarket dates in Manhattan. But what is a New Jersey schoolteacher who longs to look 'like a city girl' to do? Ever resourceful, she decides to collide her battered VW into the brand new Mercedes belonging to Sal (McDermott). Will her plan work? What secrets are hiding beneath Sal's slick yuppie exterior? And what will her loyal friends say?

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No, The Older And Less Well-Known One!


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I began my interest in watching movies at age 17,since then I have watched many good movies (and some incredibly…

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Soundtrack: Tom Waits


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Since I did Will Smith the other day, I'm highlighting another musician/actor. And isn't Tom Waits' voice the best?