• MiguelSolo

    ★★★½ Watched by MiguelSolo 09 Oct, 2014

    Pues no sé a que venían tantas quejas, a mí personalmente me ha parecido una película realmente entretenida, con el tono de las aventuras clásicas. Los personajes son arquetípicos pero están bien construidos dentro de la historia y el mundo es realmente vistoso. Si tengo que quejarme de algo, diría que probablemente habría que meter un par de tijeretazos en subtramas algo irrelevantes del último tercio.
    Quizás como franquicia potencial no tenía demasiado futuro, pero como película única la veo realmente competente, muy en la línea de lo que se espera de Disney y mejor que otros proyectos "live-action" que ha hecho recientemente.


  • alphonse

    ★★ Watched by alphonse 06 Oct, 2014 3

    Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' story, John Carter tells the story of a veteran captain of war who is inexplicably transported to Mars - Barsoom - where he is embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris.

    An adaptation of A Princess of Mars in the hands of Andrew Stanton (a director who has already proved to be able to give wings to my imagination)? That…


  • JackGir

    ★★★½ Added by JackGir

    Gets off to a rough start -- and finishes on an equally underwhelming note -- but everything on Mars is a fun adventure story. Lynn Collins steals this movie from Taylor Kitsch.


  • Luke Whitticase

    ★★ Added by Luke Whitticase

    Unless you happen to have been living under a rock, and not seen any large scale sci-fi blockbuster made in the past 30-40 years, there is literally nothing here for you. Boring score, boring performances, dull characters, droll and overlong action scenes and a hideously outdated, ill conceived and tiresome plot. This past its sell date a long time ago, and even devotees of this series will probably be bored by the final result of yet another awfully marketed studio…


  • Kurt Fabisch

    Watched by Kurt Fabisch 15 Nov, 2012 9

    Just watched John Carter. Can I take back everything I said about Prometheus?
    Not really, but you know what I mean. :)

    John Carter

    What a boring, bloated, pointless, boring, long-winded, boring, YET ANOTHER DANCES WITH WOLVES RIP OFF (that doesn't come CLOSE to being as good as Dances with Wolves), and did I mention boring film.

    The dog-creature from the film. why couldn't they have made the whole 2 hours about HIM? I loved that thing. Runnin' around…


  • Chetan

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Chetan 26 Sep, 2014

    I saw this for the first time in the cinema. Enjoyed it a lot. This revisit was no different. Such a wonderfully crafted sci fi action adventure. There's bit of all sorts of films in this one, but it is put together so well. Interesting story, great effects, a hero to admire. I am so disappointed that the public didn't take to this film in droves at the cinema, as a sequel would be awesome to see. Check it out for sure.


  • Jon Johnson

    ★★★½ Watched by Jon Johnson 24 Sep, 2014

    Hugely charming and enjoyable. A true old-fashioned adventure film which uses CGI tastefully and excitingly.
    It has numerous flaws but is so good natured its easy to ignore them for the most part.

    As a side note, it was also a great pleasure to see Caesar and Mark Antony reunited on Mars, doing pretty much the same as they did in Rome.


  • Jonathan Paula

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Jonathan Paula 20 Sep, 2014

    This science fiction adventure film rather famously bombed at the box office following its March 2012 release - despite earning more than a $280 million, thanks largely to its strength overseas. Based on the 100-year-old "Barsoom" series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, this Andrew Stanton film is an ambitious undertaking that blends period-authentic drama with dazzling CGI-action. Indeed, a majority of the picture takes place on the unforgiving surface of an alien planet.

    Taylor Kitsch stars as a the…


  • Windyblue

    ★★½ Added by Windyblue

    Forgettable alien epic. They took solid science fiction and made it rather.. boring. Just bland when they're showing us frankly incredible things, and an interesting story [when delivered by other people, in the past]. The characters are all forgettable.

    Gorgeous grasp of 3D environments.



    ½ Added by KMOKLER

    A wannabe Star Wars movie, trust me there's never going to be a Science Fiction franchise that is as good as Star Wars and you thought Taylor Kitsch was the answer you fool.


  • Declan Hayes

    ★★★ Added by Declan Hayes

    The American Civil War has ended and a young Edgar Rice Burroughs alights from a train to meet the attorney of his eccentric and favourite Uncle, Captain John Carter. When the wide eyed Edgar arrives at the impressive home of his Uncle, he is met by Carter's attorney who informs him that he unfortunately has bad news. His Uncle has recently died, unexpectedly, and that Edgar is the sole heir to his Uncle's fortune and property. after informing Edgar of…


  • funsohng

    Added by funsohng

    This adaptation is released too late to be making any meaningful impact on our culture like the legendary source material did, but Stanton at least ensures it's not a bad adaptation.