• David Koenig

    ★★★★ Added by David Koenig

    Left Bank (2008) Film Thoughts... here is a film I have had on DVD a bit now and it was a recommend by Philip Perron of Dark Discussions fame. I know when I picked it up, it's labelled as a "horror" film but when you start watching and get a long ways in, you start to think, "This is a horror film?". Then after a couple of reveals happen and you are like, "I'm all in!"

    Marie is a track…


  • senbe

    ★★★½ Watched by senbe 06 Dec, 2014

    Belgian horror film that starts slow before reaching an odd climax. A young athlete moves in with her new boyfriend and discovers the strange history of the area. Quite gripping and distinctive, though it poaches elements from more famous horror films (to name them would be a spoiler.) Eline Kuppens gives a wonderful central performance that makes the character's tribulations all that more affecting.

    Definitely worth watching for horror fans (especially those like me that prefer understated dread over gorefests.)


  • ultimatejenn

    ★★★★ Watched by ultimatejenn 25 Sep, 2014

    Trippy horror movie


  • oooboodess

    ★★★ Watched by oooboodess 18 Sep, 2014

    Follows the Rosemary's Baby formula with a bit of an interesting twist at the end, but its attempts at building mood don't work. The majority of the film is a pretty plain drama with some dark dream sequences/fantasies thrown in to remind viewers of an eventual payoff. Admirable effort, even if it doesn't hit the mark.


  • Joachim Andersson

    ★★★★½ Watched by Joachim Andersson 04 Jul, 2014

    A young athlete moves into her boyfriends apartment to recuperate after an ilness and discover some strange things going on when looking into the disappearance of the previous tenant. You've seen this story several times before, just not like this.

    Linkeroever is a bit of a headscratcher in several ways. It takes its sweet time telling its story (I'm pretty sure that if you look up the word slowburner in an encyclopedia you will find this movie) and it's not…


  • Lauren Donis

    ★★★½ Watched by Lauren Donis 12 Oct, 2013

    It wasn't really horror-y for the most part, but it had this nice sense of dread and mystery. The lead was also fairly likable and had a bit more depth to her than they usually do. The ending was wtf, but the rest of it was entertaining enough for me to let it pass.


  • Ipcress

    ★★½ Added by Ipcress

    Stars for the cinematography, the acting from the leads, and the opening sequence; still, feels a little too derivative to be a standout in the tradition it’s working in. Watching it makes me better understand the negative reaction to a film like *Kill List*. Of the two films though, I find *Kill List* much more unsettling, much bleaker, and more often able to overcome its references.


  • David Friend

    ★★ Watched by David Friend 04 Oct, 2012

    Less a Horror movie than an arty Dutch film riddled with plot holes. The only thing that was shocking was all the nudity.
    (My Twitter Review)


  • Wahl

    Watched by Wahl 20 Jul, 2012

    I don’t even know what to say about this one. It was stupid, unnecessary complicated and just really weird. It didn’t take me long to guess why shit was happening etc. Maybe it was because on the dvd-cover somebody had compared it to Rosemary’s Baby, and with that information it was relatively easy to connect the dots.


  • Carl Ingebretsen

    ★½ Watched by Carl Ingebretsen 21 Jul, 2012

    Sometimes the truth is better left unsaid.

    That's the tagline for this film. It's also the method it was made by. A slow, casual mindfuck that's quite boring and completely ridiculous. A lot of things make sense, but it's not very interesting and by the end it's laughable.

    A slow, dull, meandering, ludicrous mindfuck that ultimately isn't interesting enough for you to piece everything together.


  • Kevin De Mulder

    Added by Kevin De Mulder

    My advice: watch this movie but set a timer to 15 minutes before the actual end. If the timer goes off, stop the movie, take it out of the DVD player and put it away. You'll be left wondering what the hell you just saw and how it ends but you will have enjoyed it.
    If, however, you do watch the last 15 minutes it'll ruin your entire experience. Your choice. I gave it a 1 star review because I did watch the entire movie. Otherwise? A 4.