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  • Lovers of the Arctic Circle Lovers of the Arctic Circle
  • Amar te duele Amar te duele
  • Amores Perros Amores Perros
  • Camino Camino
  • Love, Pain and Vice Versa Love, Pain and Vice Versa

Cine Latino


Annabetth 540 films 17

We share more than our language, they all are amazing countries that make amazing movies.

Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia,…

  • 170 Hz 170 Hz
  • Dead & Buried Dead & Buried
  • The Drudgery Train The Drudgery Train
  • Boyfriends and Girlfriends Boyfriends and Girlfriends
  • Love in the Afternoon Love in the Afternoon

May 2014


Bolido 29 films

Plus: Mick et Arthur (Short) (Michel Soutter)

  • Extraños Extraños
  • Los fenómenos Los fenómenos
  • Nómadas Nómadas
  • El amor no es lo que era El amor no es lo que era
  • Todas las mujeres Todas las mujeres
  • Agnosia Agnosia
  • Lovers Lovers
  • Animals Animals
  • Atrocious Atrocious
  • Battle in Heaven Battle in Heaven

Se habla español


Nicolas 149 films 1

Movies in Spanish and movies from Spain, not necessarily in Spanish.

In no particular order. Work in progress.

  • 5150 Elm's Way 5150 Elm's Way
  • A Few Days in September A Few Days in September
  • A Serbian Film A Serbian Film
  • A Tale of Two Sisters A Tale of Two Sisters
  • Agnosia Agnosia

International Academy of Horror and Science.


Nicolas 259 films 9

Non-American genre movies: action, horror, science fiction & thrillers. In no specific order. Imported from one of my lists on IMDB.…

  • 8MM 8MM
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • Apollo 13 Apollo 13
  • Boys Don't Cry Boys Don't Cry
  • Chasing Mavericks Chasing Mavericks

Movies on HBO Go


exzhao 220 films

A list of movies on HBO Go as of 4/8/2014

Does not include:
Alice Telefilm Part 1: The First Day…

  • Three Steps Above Heaven Three Steps Above Heaven
  • 18 Comidas 18 Comidas
  • 180 Seconds 180 Seconds
  • Amanece, que no es poco Amanece, que no es poco
  • Love on a Weekend Love on a Weekend



labekoa 62 films 1