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  • Army of Shadows Army of Shadows
  • Belle de Jour Belle de Jour
  • Ran Ran
  • Children of Men Children of Men
  • Looper Looper

My Blu-Ray Collection

Movies I own on blu-ray.
I started collecting in december 2012/january 2013.

Seen 81% (97 of 120)


  • Inherent Vice Inherent Vice
  • Boyhood Boyhood
  • Nightcrawler Nightcrawler
  • Whiplash Whiplash
  • Gone Girl Gone Girl

NEW CINEMA SLACK: Contemporary Movies I Need to Quit Ignoring



Every year, I intend to stay on top of all the big "discussion" movies as they're released (blockbusters and arthouse…

  • Grand Hotel Grand Hotel
  • Awakenings Awakenings
  • For All Mankind For All Mankind
  • Kiss of Death Kiss of Death
  • Match Point Match Point

Films First Seen In, but not released during, 2014


fonz 193 films

Between my DVR, Hulu and Amazon Prime, my queue is close to 200. Personally, I blame TCM, how dare they…

  • (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer
  • 12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave
  • 127 Hours 127 Hours
  • 2 Days in New York 2 Days in New York
  • 2 Guns 2 Guns

My Blu-Ray Collection

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson 698 films 3 2

Ever growing... if that's possible.

many other things i have left out such as wrestling and various TV specials. Also…

  • The Master The Master
  • Irreversible Irreversible
  • Blue Is the Warmest Color Blue Is the Warmest Color
  • A Hijacking A Hijacking
  • Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot

Movies watched in 2014


_derekwilson 134 films

Movies viewed in 2014 that are new to me.

  • Seven Psychopaths Seven Psychopaths
  • How I Live Now How I Live Now
  • Frozen Frozen
  • The Butler The Butler
  • Human Capital Human Capital



stergiani 64 films

  • Drive Drive
  • Alien Alien
  • Spring Breakers Spring Breakers
  • Prometheus Prometheus
  • The Cabin in the Woods The Cabin in the Woods

Manager's pick (multiple logged watches)


Dan 36 films

I feel like I need to rank the movies I've watched multiple times since joining Letterbxd.

The movies you go…

  • Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession
  • Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?
  • Zero Charisma Zero Charisma
  • All Is Lost All Is Lost
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The 2014 Project

Greg Newman

Greg Newman 404 films 2 11

Try to beat last year's total of 495 and watch 500 (at least) new movies in 2014.

  • Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard
  • Modern Times Modern Times
  • Wolf Children Wolf Children
  • Paths of Glory Paths of Glory
  • Strangers on a Train Strangers on a Train

2014: First Time Watches

Tom Morton

Tom Morton 385 films 4 5

First-time watches of 2014, ranked.

Since this will be my first full year on Letterboxd, I thought it might be…

  • Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas
  • Life of Pi Life of Pi
  • Amour Amour
  • Django Unchained Django Unchained
  • Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom

Best Films of 2012

Lucas Zegwaard

Lucas Zegwaard 40 films

My favourite films of 2012.

Everything with 3.5 stars or more.

The Documentaries can be found separately here:

  • Amour Amour
  • Zero Dark Thirty Zero Dark Thirty
  • Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom
  • Rust and Bone Rust and Bone
  • The Master The Master
  • To the Wonder To the Wonder
  • The Master The Master
  • Holy Motors Holy Motors
  • Spring Breakers Spring Breakers
  • Berberian Sound Studio Berberian Sound Studio

2012 in Film

A ranked lists of films I saw that were released in 2012.