• Zach Evans

    ½ Rewatched by Zach Evans 09 Jul, 2015

    Good shit


  • Brent Paton

    Watched by Brent Paton 15 Jul, 2015

    Saw this in the theater. I knew it was supposed to be really bad but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. At least it was unintentionally funny, weird, and thankfully short. The Master's costume was pretty cool.


  • Zack The Horror Maniac

    Watched by Zack The Horror Maniac 28 Jun, 2015

    The non-MST3K cut of this is even worse. What a mess of a film.


  • Drew Stewart

    Watched by Drew Stewart 05 Jul, 2015

    Rifftrax Live Edition


  • Christian Siegel

    ½ Watched by Christian Siegel 31 May, 2015

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Yep, that was indeed pretty terrible. “Manos: The Hands of Fate” has a 1.9-rating on IMDB, and is currently featured as #14 on their Bottom 100-list. And deservedly so, I might add. It’s definitely one of the very worst movies that I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and to my big disappointment, it isn’t even “so bad it’s good”- or “guilty pleasue”-bad like, say, “Jaws: The Revenge” or “Battlefield Earth”. Those at least have a certain trashy charm, even…


  • Jack Keane

    ½ Watched by Jack Keane 11 Jun, 2015 6

    "You have failed us, Torgo! For this you must die!"


    Does watching the 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' episode about 'Manos: The Hands of Fate' ("Manos?" "THE HANDS OF FATE!") count as me having watched 'Manos: The Hands of Fate'?

    Ah, screw it. I'm making it count!

    Without Joel, Tom Servo and Crow's input keeping me comedically stimulated, I would never be able to watch 'Manos: The Hands of Fate' all the way through, due to it being the cinematic…


  • Nolan Wiethop

    ★★★ Added by Nolan Wiethop

    Preface: My friends and I have been attempting to find the best "worst" movie and this is one of the films that we watched in that attempt.

    Oh 'Manos'. This is another point of contention here. I really have a rough time getting through this one but my friends love it and have a great time laughing at it. It is a classic "bad" movie and it has the MST3K stamp of approval which makes my booing kind of null…


  • Ernst_Bitterman

    ½ Watched by Ernst_Bitterman 12 May, 2015

    I seriously recommend inoculation by viewing the MST3K version first. Unprepared exposure could be fatally tedious.


  • Daniel Lapinski

    Watched by Daniel Lapinski 30 Apr, 2015

    The mind-blowing ineptitude of just about every aspect of this picture provides for some golden moments of unintentional comedy, but those aspects wear themselves out pretty quickly. A significant re-edit might produce a half-way (OK, maybe quarter-way) decent low-budget horror featurette, but as it is, the movie's 74 minutes rapidly become interminable.


  • Walker King

    ½ Watched by Walker King 30 Apr, 2015

    Is of course, awful. Loses comedic steam in the second half.


  • Wes Ball

    ½ Added by Wes Ball 5

    30 Day Film Challenge Day Thirty: The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen.

    O Manos... thou of primal darkness! Thou who dwelleth in the depth of the universe in the black casims of night! Thou who bestoweth the mother darkness upon thy faithful, to live eternally in her keeping. Thou dost make him most blessed forever! And thou who dost cursed with eternal burning life those whom transrest against thee! Holy art thou, holy art thou, holy art thou! Manos…


  • Jeremy Milks

    ★★½ Watched by Jeremy Milks 04 Apr, 2015

    Kind of amazeballs, kind of balls. I've seen and liked worse, which doesn't say much about my tastes.