• Mr. Freeze

    ★½ Rewatched by Mr. Freeze 23 Apr, 2016 2

    Film #8 of Bad Movie Saturdays!

    I've seen the MST3K episode before, a long time ago, and I'm not sure if that counts as having seen the film, so I'm just going to count this as a rewatch.

    Oh, boy, was this a delight! This might possibly be the worst film I've seen in my goddamn life, and I highly recommend it! Now, let me tell you a bit about it, so you can judge for yourself whether or…


  • Carl Waxman (films_ratings_reviews)

    ½ Watched by Carl Waxman (films_ratings_reviews) 23 Apr, 2016

    O.K. O.K. *Ahem*, okay. Um, Mr. Warren? How would you refer to your hands, in this case? Oh, you don't understand what I mean, fucker? Well, let's say that, as an instance of an answer, I think that your hands are APPALLING INSTRUMENTS OF DISGUSTING DOOM, FUCKFACE!!! WASTED!!! IT'S ALL WASTED!!! MY TIME IS ALL WASTED!!! BLEACHING MY ASSHOLE WOULD'VE BEEN MORE MEANINGFUL THAN OBSERVING THE NUMEROUS ELEMENTS OF THIS EGREGIOUS PIECE OF SHIT!!! ED WOOD WOULD BE SO FUCKING…


  • Scotty

    Added by Scotty

    "you know, every frame of this movie looks like someone's last known photograph."


  • DietPippu

    ½ Added by DietPippu

    The worst movie ever.


  • TheMovieFisher

    ½ Watched by TheMovieFisher 07 Apr, 2016

    Im suprised I even made it through this movie. I think this is on the same level as Turkish Star Wars on the absolute shit filmmaking list


  • tophermart

    ★½ Watched by tophermart 06 Apr, 2016

    Manos is like looking into a mirror, you sorta see a reflection of what you bring to it. There are certainly worse 'worst movies.' Boring fun.


  • reedfriendly

    ½ Added by reedfriendly

    Known a contender for the worst movie of all time. It certainly lives up to that reputation. Unless you're really gung-ho, I'd recommend watching the MST3K cut of this movie. To at least have some on-screen commiseration while you suffer through it.


  • Jason

    ★★½ Watched by Jason 06 Apr, 2016

    One of the worst films of all time? This isn't even the worst film I've watched this week. Is it trash? Yeah. The filmmaking is objectively terrible. However, it is unique trash. It is a kind of trash that I have not seen before and I appreciate it. It all added to the overall charm. I would watch this any day over the next incredibly mediocre, derivative, formulaic, personality-less movie that will probably be released any day now.


  • Moogic

    ★½ Watched by Moogic 05 Apr, 2016

    This movie is slow, drawn out, and horribly disjointed, but there's something slightly appealing about it... I might be the only one, but I think the "master" actually has a pretty cool/creepy look, with an awesome robe. Mainly, though, there's the unique, iconic, legendary performance of Torgo. On the other hand, oh boy, are the slow parts boring.


  • Sam

    ½ Rewatched by Sam 03 Apr, 2016

    The Master would not approve.

    (The only thing that makes it tolerable is the MST3K treatment.)


  • Eibon

    ½ Watched by Eibon 01 Apr, 2016

    RiffTrax Live:

    Shorts included:
    - "Welcome Back, Norman",
    - "Prune Juice",
    - "At Your Fingertips: Cylinders"

    Movie: 1/10
    Movie with RiffTrax Commentary: 7/10


  • Rainey Dawn

    ★½ Rewatched by Rainey Dawn 20 Jan, 2016

    Awful Yet Compelling

    Yes this is an awful film - I mean awful. Yet I find something compelling about it - something interesting about it in a weird sort of way.

    This really is one of the world's worst movies - that I have to agree but it's so horrible that it's entertaining. It can be funny, weird and plain boring at the same time. This is a film you would have to see to know just how awful it…