• cinema_buff

    ★★★½ Watched by cinema_buff 02 Aug, 2015

    An inspiring story, Men of Honor had great writing and some really cool suspenseful scenes. The film's underwater scenes were great but the film suffered from a lead that didn't always bring his A game. Robert DeNiro was great but Charlize Theron's role was annoying. So Cuba Gooding Jr., take this note, stick to the comedic supporting roles!


  • w424eva

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    Great Movie!


  • Warriors

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    De Niro plays like a robot - too much patriotic shit and the wrong actors!


  • Bruno Dias

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    Carl Brashear: Forgive me sir, but to me, the Navy isn't a business. It's an organization of people who represent the finest aspects of our nation. We have many traditions. In my career, I have encountered most of them. Some are good, some not so good. I would, however not be here today were it not for our greatest tradition of all.

    Captain Hanks: And what would that be, Chief Brashear?"

    Carl Brashear: " Honor, sir"

    Penso que este excerto do filme diz tudo!!!


  • Brendan Edwards

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Brendan Edwards 29 Mar, 2015

    Great film which i have seen before and can still enjoy today. C G Junior is just phenomenal in his role and De Niro offers him an amazing opposite....


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  • Rickerman

    Rewatched by Rickerman 04 Dec, 2014

    Best single scene in movie history.


  • InSession Film

    ★★★★ Watched by InSession Film 02 Nov, 2014

    The last great Robert DeNiro performance in my opinion. Sure, he was pretty good in Silver Linings Playbook, but he's on another level here. I love the dynamics between him and Cuba Gooding Jr. and the climax of the film still stand the hairs on the back of my neck.


  • masuyo

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    a feketéknek rossz,
    a feketéknek a tengerészetnél még rosszabb,
    a tengerészek rassziszták voltak,
    talán még most is azok,
    de cuba gooding jr. kitartóan pucolja a krumplit,
    majd bizonyít


  • Viktor Prentovski

    ★★★★½ Watched by Viktor Prentovski 09 Jul, 2014

    Part of Vprento’s Top 150 Movies of All-Time

    I want to thank my cousin for recommending me this movie. It's really good. It started out on a farm with black people, and I though it was going to be the usual black race rights shite or whatever, but I was happily surprised. It's actually a really touching story about a Navy diver, the first black diver in fact, Carl Brashear. Cuba Gooding, Jr. is fantastic, his best performance. Robert DeNiro is pretty great too. The female performances are a bit weaker, but Men of Honor is still a really great and important movie.