• Radu Conopan

    ★★★½ Watched by Radu Conopan 28 Aug, 2014

    A search for a winning lottery ticket in his dead father's grave causes Sardonicus' face to freeze in a horrible grimace, until he forces a doctor to treat his affliction--with even more grotesque results! The audience gets an opportunity to vote--via the "Punishment Poll"--for the penalty Sardonicus must pay for his deeds...


  • Hollie Horror

    ★★★ Watched by Hollie Horror 31 May, 2014

    I was never aware of the folklore surrounding the term "ghoul," which is a word used to describe people who hang out in graveyards and do unsavory things, which is the most essential definition given to William Castle's gimmicky genre entry.

    I really hated the makeup used on Oskar Homolka, his one wonky eye just looked like they piled on some silly putty to obstruct his vision. The make-up used on the Ghoul was a bit better and very reminiscent…


  • Charles Canzoneri

    ★★ Added by Charles Canzoneri

    I'm glad William Castle made movies. I wish he hadn't made this one. The worst of the 8 Castle films I've seen.

    1. The Tingler
    2. Strait-Jacket
    3. Homicidal
    4. Johnny Stool Pigeon
    5. When Strangers Marry
    6. House on Haunted Hill
    7. The Night Walker
    8. Mr. Sardonicus


  • Sc8lo

    ★★ Watched by Sc8lo 25 Apr, 2014

    Some good makeup for its time. I feel the movie is a bit too long and could be shortened to be made more thrilling.


  • drfulci

    ★★★★ Rewatched by drfulci 30 Apr, 2014

    My favorite of Castle's films. Such a great story and an amazing cast.


  • Bennett Hipps

    ★★★½ Watched by Bennett Hipps 16 Apr, 2014 2

    When a brilliant young doctor is called to a remote land to try his unorthodox techniques on a cruel Baron with a horrible facial affliction, he must devise a cure or die.

    Mr. Sardonicus is a title I have always loved. It sounds dark, evil, cruel, and full of menace tinged with a maniacal mirth. It's a great-sounding, evocative title. Naturally, this being a William Castle film, the movie rides that title more than the real b-grade contents of the…


  • whitsbrain

    ★½ Watched by whitsbrain 14 Oct, 2012

    I don't suppose it would have been a very interesting movie if Sir Robert would have realized that he could have basically pulled off Sardonicus's mask in his left hand, grabbed his lady squeeze in his right and walked out of the place. Who was going to stop him..Krull?!? Sir Robert looked a lot like David Hasselhoff, a strapping lad that could have easily overpowered old man Krull and skinny Sardine...er, I mean Sardonicus. He apparently took the English gentlemen…


  • James

    Watched by James 16 Feb, 2014

    William Castle is more than just a schlockmeister and I think the fact that his films hold up fifty years later prove that. Sure he used gimmicks to get people in the seats but those gimmicks are long gone and yet we still watch his movies.

    This one is a decent gothic horror picture about a deformed baron who tortures to get his way. The baron's beautiful wife and her love interest, the doctor brought in to cure his facial…


  • CJ

    ★★★★½ Watched by CJ 28 Jul, 2013

    William Castle was one of the few filmmakers who elevated the B-Movie to an artform and, with Sardonicus - a wacked-out amalgamation of Eyes Without A Face, Dracula and The Man Who Laughs - his ability to give audiences what they want reaches its crackpot conclusion. He literally allows us to choose the fate of the title character, appearing on screen before the ending and asking us what we'd like to see. This is both hilarious and brilliant but don't…


  • hamchuck1

    ★★ Watched by hamchuck1 28 May, 2013

    Review movie. Very much a product of its time.


  • Glenn

    ★★★ Watched by Glenn 06 Mar, 2013

    A cautionary tale of the evils of playing the lottery. William Castle created an effective Gothic horror.


  • Patrick Sandberg

    ★★★ Watched by Patrick Sandberg 02 Oct, 2012

    William Castle gives us one of the truly great evil henchman in MR. SARDONICUS: Krull! Easily ranking up there with henching greats like Lobo and Torgo, Krull (not to be confused with the sentient teleporting mountain) is a single-minded and devoted man-servant. Willing to go the extra mile to do his master's bidding and sink to whatever depths necessary, even if it means a bitch gotta get cut.

    But, as with most henchman, Krull has a softer side. A sensitive…