Following a mysterious decapitation (via mechanical digger) of an insurance investigator, Police Inspector Peretti is put onto the case. Slowly more people are found dead... a man supposedly commits suicide, a women is strangled, another attacked in her flat... but all the clues lead to an unsolved case of kidnapping and murder. Can Peretti find the murderer, if his major clue is a little girls drawing???

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Giallo - The art of thrilling

This list contains classic stories from Italy about black gloved murderers but as well some other movies from europe in…

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50/225 [The Giallo List, what I've seen and counting]


Ipcress 219 films 103 15 Edit

EDIT 12-12-14
You'll notice a number of films that giallo purists might balk at when it comes to inclusion on…

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Black Gloves, J&B, Sharp Objects and a Little Mystery

I'm compiling a list of all the Gialli I have ever seen. There are still some I need to watch,…