• paniquathedisco

    ★★½ Watched by paniquathedisco 27 Apr, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Caught this on TV. 50% of this movie is montage.

    I feel like the big reveal diverts attention from the fact that two people basically raised a child to harvest her organs. That ain't right, no matter how you spin it. I wish they'd have just let Anna retain her agency and awareness that her parents were treating her like an organ farm, instead of making it so her sister put her up to it and Kate comes out looking…


  • ComicTwerk4Sans

    Watched by ComicTwerk4Sans 19 Apr, 2016 2

    This movie is about cancer, so it's really heartbreaking and depressing and shit!

    Are you crying yet?

    Oh, you ain't crying yet?




  • christianbale

    ★★½ Watched by christianbale 10 Apr, 2016

    When you have so many interesting ideas in a film why the fuck would you go for the easiest option and put in a plot twist which makes absolutely no sense.


  • mairi

    ★★★ Added by mairi



  • Alex Gidley

    ½ Watched by Alex Gidley 13 Dec, 2015 7

    "I'm going to see Taylor"

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is tied as the best attempted suicide line alongside "I CAN'T GET THE CAP OFF".

    When handling subject matter such as cancer, it's very hard not to make it come across as being emotionally manipulative. To me, very few movies achieve the feat of making the emotion feel genuine and the some movies that do so are among the saddest films I have ever seen. 50/50, Me and Earl and the…


  • Katti

    ★★★½ Added by Katti

    Le droit de décider du sort de son propre corps, la capacité de discernement et la maladie sont les thèmes principaux évoqués ici.


  • Alex Gidley

    ★★★★★ Added by Alex Gidley 4

    I don't think I have ever seen a film this heart-warmingly beautiful before. Utterly poetic in every single little movement it makes with utterly stunning performances to ground the totally not forced emotion in the real world.

    I balled like a baby watching this and you all too should see this absolute masterpiece. It's one of the most important and defining films of our time that handles its subject matter with grace and elegance. In terms of cancer films, this makes Ikiru look like The Bucket List.


  • JohnTyler

    Added by JohnTyler

    Insisting on sickening viewers with overly sentimental melodrama and emotionally manipulating the audience to shedding tears rather than creating a genuinely heartfelt, gut-wrenching, and compelling story with interesting characters, My Sister's Keeper is trite in every sense of the word as well as a shameful waste of great acting talent.


  • phazleeanna

    ★★ Added by phazleeanna

    "I was engineered, born for a particular reason. A scientist hooked up my mothers eggs and my fathers sperm to make a specific combination of genes. He did it to save my sister's life."


  • Piper

    ★★★ Rewatched by Piper 15 Jan, 2016

    probably the worst depiction of cancer, basically only using it as a subject to evoke a reaction from the audience that isn't an emotional one, but more like a forced one.
    but am i going to turn it off when it's playing on tv for free??
    probably not


  • TylerTheDurden

    ★★★½ Rewatched by TylerTheDurden 23 Dec, 2015

    +Schöne, realistische Geschichte
    +Liebevolle Umsetzung
    +Cameron Diaz spielt genial
    +Beziehungen in den Familien stark betont
    +Tolle Musikeinlagen
    +Vereinzelte Nebenhandlungen nicht zu platziert
    -Beim zweiten Mal schauen verliert der Film an Glanz
    -Stellenweise Längen


  • Pandora 4

    ★★ Watched by Pandora 4 15 Dec, 2015 2

    Nick Cassavetes, is the director of The Notebook .
    Just putting that out there.

    This film is a very sentimental affair, with lots of tears and long scenes of people frolicking on beaches in slow motion with a soft lens filter and an indie ballad playing in the background.

    The premise is very compelling: a girl who was basically "harvested for spare parts" wants to gain medical emancipation from her parents.
    Basically, the only reason her parents had her, was…