• Jon Mears

    ★★★ Rewatched by Jon Mears 24 Sep, 2016

    Doesn't make much sense when you think about any of it, so if you avoid thinking about it, it's brilliant.


  • jrkite

    ★★½ Rewatched by jrkite 18 Sep, 2016

    In comprehensible madness.


  • rayatolentino

    ★★★½ Watched by rayatolentino 22 Sep, 2016

    As a fan of the first one, I had high hopes for this one. And boy did it deliver. (Not taking the piss, I fucking love national treasure)


  • Matt Mahoney

    ★★★ Watched by Matt Mahoney 15 Sep, 2016

    Proposal, Bruckheimer Studios: Agent Sadusky’s The US Files, please.

    National Treasure 2 feels strongly influenced by the success of the first two Pirates of the Caribbean films, as Turteltaub (I suspect based on no more than a hunch at the behest of studio head Jerry Bruckheimer) let Nicolas Cage off the leash and act, say or do whatever or however he wants. And it’s wonderful. Cage gave an interview to the Empire podcast several years back about how, to paraphrase,…


  • elizabethbrown

    ★★★ Rewatched by elizabethbrown 17 Sep, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The two major pillars of the plot don't make sense to me.

    1) Why didn't Ed Harris just approach Nicholas Cage and ask him to help find the treasure? Why did he have to "trick" him? 

    2) How does finding the treasure clear Nicholas Cage's ancestor's name? I don't get the connection at all. 

    And then just a stupid thing, but how does an Olmec treasure room wind up in the Black Hills?

    Overall much of the cleverness and charm of the original is missing.


  • maya

    ★★½ Rewatched by maya 14 Sep, 2016

    wilkinson: i will literally die to save the lives of you and your family if you credit me for this discovery so my family's name will have a positive legacy like the one yours already has

    ben, after wilkinson's death: hm i guess we should add that guy's name on..... lol after we credit my entire family and friends first


  • Henrik

    ★★★ Watched by Henrik 14 Sep, 2016

    Lacks the chemistry between Cage and Kruger from the first, and supplants it with quibbling between Vogt and Mirren. This is not terrible, nor is it as good as the first one. The spectacle is still great, and if you can stomach some seriously insane conspiracies, you’ll probably enjoy this a great deal.

    Also: Cage is Cagier here in the first one.


  • Chris

    ★★½ Watched by Chris 08 Sep, 2016

    For those people who thought Raiders of the Lost Ark was just too damned international, Jerry Bruckheimer brought the world National Treasure. In the 00's this was what America needed. A patriotic Indiana Jones that jumped from one landmark to another cracking open mysteries of American history.

    It all feels very... Republican, and the presence of Jon Voight only emphasizes that. But then there's Ed Harris here too so maybe that balances the political scales.

    I have no real memory…


  • reefak
  • Yeezus808s

    Added by Yeezus808s

    even more endearingly stupid than the first one


  • bem

    ★★★ Watched by bem 25 Aug, 2016

    "National Treasure 3: Ben Franklin's secret wives"
    catch the fever


  • Mathías

    ★★½ Added by Mathías

    Watched: 1/1
    Performances: 2/3
    Screenplay: 1/3
    Direction: 1/3

    Rating: 5/10

    Not as good as the first one but still enjoyable.