• Bob Hovey

    ★★★ Watched by Bob Hovey 03 Oct, 2011

    I thought it was gonna be a stupid comedy (was mostly right), I only got it because my wife had a bad day and needed a few laughs, and because Natalie Portman looked amazing in the poster. Turned out to be pretty good ... some witty dialog, a few laugh-out-loud bits, even tender in places. What amazed me most is that Kutcher, whom I've always thought kind of laughable as a actor, is actually pretty good. Kevin Kline is great as his dad. Portman is wonderful, even in the scenes where she's fully clothed.


  • Bethany

    ★★★★ Added by Bethany

    Great chemistry between Kutcher and Portman.


  • Losa

    ★★ Rewatched by Losa 06 Jul, 2014

    Watched this in San Diego while visiting two of my best friends. They wanted to watch something sappy and romantic comedy related and this is what we chose, even though we've all seen it before.

    My thought (just one thought) on this movie is, Why?

    Eh. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and funny to laugh at with my friends at how "Why?!" this movie is. I love them, but my friends aren't as obsessed with movies as I am, so at times we were probably laughing for different reasons.


  • Matt Heiser

    ★★ Added by Matt Heiser

    These type of movies heavily rely on the charisma of the actors involved since the stories usually suck; the problem with this film is that Ashton Kutcher has problems acting even in such light crap as this. He has some hilarious line delivery. Natalie Portman is adequate but has no help from her movie partner. The plot is silly as usual, but the one thing that could have been kind of interesting was the role reversal for this type of…


  • Ian Anderson

    ★★ Watched by Ian Anderson 20 Jul, 2014

    Guy wants a girl friend, girl just wants sex. Reversing the expected gender roles. Rom-Com so despite what she says you have no doubt where the relationship will end up. Nothing memorable but it is a fun ride.


  • Abate Faria

    Watched by Abate Faria 13 Jul, 2014

    I have no words to explain how I feel watching Natalie Portman (yes, the actress who played Nina in that masterpiece called "Black Swan"). It can't be. It's impossible. But it is.

    Why did she take part in this silly film?


  • Isa Crepaldi

    ★★★★ Added by Isa Crepaldi

    I think it's underrated. I actually like the movie.


  • Au

    ★★★½ Watched by Au 09 Jul, 2014

    Was this film totally unoriginal? Definitely. Did I enjoy the hell out of it? You bet your sweet ass that I did!


  • Peter Cox

    ★★★ Rewatched by Peter Cox 07 Jul, 2014

    1) It's from the director of Ghostbusters, so suck it (okay, so was Evolution, but shh).
    2) It's actually funny. A romcom that doesn't forget the com.
    3) We all have our comfort movies; this is apparently one of mine.
    4) Greta Gerwig.
    5) Natalie Portman.


  • André Joaquim

    ★★★½ Watched by André Joaquim 24 Jun, 2014

    Now that the vacations are (almost) here, I will be spamming some reviews every night, I hope.

    Last night's movie was this one. It was recommended by a friend. A girl friend - obviously.
    I didn't want to say that it's just another love story, but it actually is.

    Emma is a strange girl how starts having sex without commitment with her friend Adam and they agree that if one of them fell in love with the other, they would stop.

    It's a nice film to watch with a predictable end, as usual.


  • Fatima JAX

    ★★★ Added by Fatima JAX

    Is it possible to regularly have sex with someone and not run a risk of falling in love?
    A big NO!


  • Justin Cislo

    ★★½ Watched by Justin Cislo 15 Jun, 2014

    Not Reitman's finest hour but it certainly beats the other no-feelings-just-sex comedy of 2011, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

    The best aspect of NO STRINGS ATTACHED is the ladies. Lake Bell, Natalie Portman, Mindy Kaling, Greta Gerwig, and the still on the cusp of breaking through Olivia Thirlby all give likable, relatable, performances that offer just the right amount of whimsy.

    Throw Kevin Kline in as the forever youthful player and you've got a movie you can watch. Nothing to write home about, but who expected it to be?