Ocean's Eleven Ocean's Eleven

In any other town they'd be the bad guys...

Ocean's Eleven is the 'Rat-Pack' comedy about robber Danny Ocean and his gang's attempt to rob the five biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

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December scavenger hunt (#21)

NO REWATCHES (except for no. 29, of course)

Josh Darby's OG list: letterboxd.com/darbyact/list/scavenger-hunt-21-december-2016/

1 A Film Nominated for Best Picture…

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  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
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  • Ocean's Eleven

Scavenger Hunt #21: December 2016

Kat 🐯

Kat 🐯 31 films 8 Edit

Hosted by Josh Darby
Original List: letterboxd.com/darbyact/list/scavenger-hunt-21-december-2016/
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