• Patrice St-Pierre-Plamondon

    ★½ Added by Patrice St-Pierre-Plamondon

    A direct prequel AND sequel to the first movie, it explains what happened to the other sister.

    I think the main issue with this movie is how closely it mirrors the first movie. How many houses come with hanging den lights and long flights of stairs... in California?

    Still, in a way, it's an important enough chapter in the franchise, as it ties in everything else (no spoilers here). The only thing I can't understand is how old Kristi is…


  • Stephen Guerrero

    ★★★★★ Added by Stephen Guerrero

    yes to the crazy power of yeah...


  • Spencer

    ½ Added by Spencer

    i literally cried i got such a bad headache from this gabage


  • hotsaucejayson

    ★★★½ Added by hotsaucejayson



  • Dan Bremner

    ½ Watched by Dan Bremner 30 Jan, 2016

    As the film got darker, I could begin to see my reflection in the screen. I looked myself in the eye and thought "This is why you're single".......

    I've only ever seen the first one of the this series and it was OK, but as they started to release them every year, I knew it just became a cash grab. Cheap to make and a fuckload of teens will see them.

    Utterly devoid of any real tension, although Katie Featherston…


  • Luke Martin

    ★½ Rewatched by Luke Martin 20 Jan, 2016

    My Sister Is A Bitch: The Movie.


  • JN

    ★½ Watched by JN 19 Apr, 2015

    A retreading of the first movie with vastly diminishing returns.

    I sat there not really expecting anything, I'd had totally forgotten the admirable restraint that the first movie undertook. I was not surprised when nothing really happened.


  • Hernansanz

    ★★★½ Watched by Hernansanz 03 Jan, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Sigo con la franquicia en el mismo día, sí. Ya que nos ponemos, nos ponemos en serio.

    Creo que me ha gustado más que la primera. Al ampliar el rango de personajes, amplia la sensación de paranoia colectiva, y eso le hace bien. Al ampliarlo además en lo familiar, le da un cierto trasfondo de secreto que recuerda a historias de terror convencionales de pactos con entidades pagadas por los hijos. Y eso me gusta: soy una persona que disfruta…


  • cinecreep

    ★★½ Watched by cinecreep 02 Jan, 2016

    So I watched 1,3,4 and The Marked Ones. Since I never watched this i had to see it and it was not good. Yes important things went on in the film but all in all, it dragged and was very boring.


  • Travis Cooper

    ★★ Watched by Travis Cooper 27 Aug, 2015

    Film 239 of Project365, a project in which I watch a new film every day for a year.

    While not as fresh as the original, the scares still come around and find new ways to creep us out.


  • David Gutierrez

    ★★★½ Added by David Gutierrez

    A different movie to the original, mainly plagued with jump scares, Paranormal Activity 2 is by no means a scary or creepy film, but a mildly suspensful one that does one thing great: the jump scares! They're really effective, unexpected and fun. I remember specially one that made me drop what I had in my hand. Once again, not scary at all, but very effective in its jump scares. That's enough to get a passing grade.


  • Auteur

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Auteur 03 Dec, 2015

    Diminishing returns attached, though PA2 is still remarkable for the sheer amount of time the audience is forced to watch fixed-perspective, home surveillance footage of absolutely nothing happening. I remember watching this in the theatre, a sold out midnight preview (the ONLY way to watch these films - for maximum benefit), and about half way through thinking 'what the hell? let's get on with it already," letting my guard down for just long enough until *BAM* the jump scare of…