It's Prohibition, and the boys wind up behind bars after Stan sells some of their home-brew beer to a policeman. In prison, Stan's loose tooth keeps getting him in trouble, because it sounds like he's giving everybody a rasp- berry. But it earns him the respect of The Tiger, a rough prisoner, and the boys manage to slip away during The Tiger's escape attempt. They disguise themselves in blackface and hide on a cotton plantation, but are recaptured when the warden happens by. Back in the big house, they find themselves in a hail of bullets, caught between the state militia and gun-toting prisoners, when The Tiger tries another escape.

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Steve G's Best Personal Canon On All Of The Letterboxd

Steve G

Steve G 100 films 19 6 Edit

Seeing as though so many others have had a go. Here's my outline:-

* 10 Buddy action / cop films…

  • M
  • City Lights
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PUNQ's -- Top-300 -- 1931


PUNQ 300 films 12 2 Edit

1931, the gangster genre defined (The Public Enemy, Little Caesar, City Streets), same with the horror side of things…

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  • Pack Up Your Troubles

Laurel & Hardy: The Best Of and An Introduction

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