• Haley

    ★★★★ Watched by Haley 12 Jan, 2015

    This man deserves more recognition.


  • J Hobbs

    ★★★½ Watched by J Hobbs 21 Nov, 2014

    Very good


  • Paul Anthony Johnson

    ★★½ Watched by Paul Anthony Johnson 16 Nov, 2014

    Dismayingly close to what you'd likely get if the Chris Farley interview character from early 90s SNL made a doc about one of his musical heroes. Cringe-inducingly narcissistic and invasive, it's at least morbidly watchable in spite of its rambling, sloppy construction. Paul Williams acquits himself as a man of intelligence, humor, and saintly patience throughout, but the main entertainment value here is the amazing assemblage of 70s TV variety show clips, featuring a coked-up Williams subbing for Merv Griffin,…


  • Craig Duffy

    ★★★★ Watched by Craig Duffy 14 Nov, 2014

    FINALLY a bio doc that does something interesting! It very much takes a cue from the Michael Moore book of documentary, but oh well. At least it's not "Paul Williams was born..." The director as character at least makes things interesting. There's an arc to this thing and it isn't afraid of showing the blemishes. And no need to resort to interviews with random other celebrities going on about how great Paul is either. Bravo!


  • Kevin Weist

    ★★★ Watched by Kevin Weist 12 Nov, 2014

    "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?..."
    There's no denying the music. Timeless.


  • Joseph Henderson

    ★½ Watched by Joseph Henderson 23 Sep, 2014

    An incredibly interesting subject, but director Stephen Kessler's boyhood fantasy of meeting his hero clearly gets the better of him and he fails to make the most of his opportunity.

    Over two years of filming and exclusive access and Kessler ended up trying to salvage his documentary with uninteresting and generally uninsightful autobiographical sentimentality.

    Big waste of a golden opportunity.


  • Parker

    ★★½ Watched by Parker 12 Jul, 2014

    I thought I was going to watch a movie about Paul Williams, but it's mostly about the annoying director of the film. There's an unbearable subplot about how scared he is of terrorism that should have been cut.

    The Paul Williams stuff is cool, though. Seeing a lot of the old footage was cool.


  • waynewebb

    ★★★★½ Watched by waynewebb 18 Jun, 2014

    Like the filmmaker I am a child of the Paul Williams era and was also surprised to know he was still alive. Still performing, still writing and still delighting at this late stage.

    I did not know about the alcoholism and drugs, multiple marriages and other dramas in his life that all passed by so long ago and were replaced with a life well lived and a contribution well beyond his music, and that is a big contribution.

    The film…


  • DavidM3000AD

    ★★ Watched by DavidM3000AD 03 May, 2014

    Paul Williams was big in the seventies. The diminutive singer-songwriter, who specialised in weepy ballads like "Evergreen" and "We've Only Just Begun", also became a mainstay of cheesy TV chat and variety shows, winning audiences over with his quick self-deprecating quips and willingness to be up for just about anything. At some point during the early 1980s, however, he faded into obscurity.

    This ramshackle fan-perspective documentary begins by being a 'whatever happened to... ' piece, and hunts down Paul Williams,…


  • zachfree

    ★★★ Watched by zachfree 25 Apr, 2014

    Interesting and odd little documentary about a musician and personality from the 70s that I hadn't heard of before (Paul Williams). The director is a very strange guy and that kind of effects the narrative of the film in sometimes negative ways - but perhaps his quirkiness actually makes this documentary more enjoyable, as it avoids typical bio-doc cliches.


  • Olevar

    ★★★ Watched by Olevar 17 Apr, 2014

    Por un lado, me gustó que sea un documental en el que el director se ve realmente en aprietos porque desde un inicio, no hay la empatía suficiente entre él y su protagonista, Paul Williams. Se ve que por más que lo intenten, no hacen clic. Y esto sirve porque poco a poco vemos cómo Kessler se lo va ganando.

    Por otro lado, y por lo que no le doy más estrellas e inclusive puede parecer contradictorio con lo dicho…


  • Adam Lowes

    ★★★½ Watched by Adam Lowes 09 Apr, 2014

    Enjoyable look at a terrific, still largely underapreciated, singer/songwriter. Director Stephen Kessler's very personal efforts to get under the skin of the occasionally frosty Williams makes for some humorous and quite touching moments.