• Panta Oz

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    This French animated film based on Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novel of the same name. The film was written and directed by Satrapi with Vincent Paronnaud. I understand how popular was the book in France, following the story a young girl as she comes of age against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution. France had its share of involvement during the Iranian revolutionary times, and somehow the audience was very sympathetic to the film which ends with Marjane as a…


  • Jessica Carr

    ★★★★★ Watched by Jessica Carr 13 Dec, 2014

    "Never forget who you are and where you're from."

    I loved everything about this movie. The strikingly beautiful art style paired with the true story of a young woman dealing with the oppression of a tyrannical state just blew me away. EVERYONE needs to understand what women in other cultures go through. EVERYONE needs to see this movie.

    P.S. Punk is not ded


  • Liam

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    A film shaped by a book; a book shaped by a life; a life shaped by a culture; a culture shaped by history; a history shaped by a time; a time shaped by time. The images alone are powerful, but when the film adds the voice of a generation to the script, that's when you're punched in the gut and realize that the world is suffering.


  • Matt Newton

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    Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud’s animated film (based upon Satrapi’s graphic novel of the same name) is a refreshing, hand-drawn entry in a slew of computer-generated cartoons currently monopolized by the Pixar and DreamWorks Animation bunch. The film follows Satrapi as a forthright nine year-old girl living in Iran at the start of the Islamic Revolution. The Shah is overthrown and the people are elated, that is, until their hopes for freedom are buried with the introduction of an Islamic…


  • sage

    ★★★½ Rewatched by sage 05 Dec, 2014

    super rad film!! watched w my friends. last time i saw it was back in 10th grade.. it was shorter than i remember it being??? idk. love the animation style :-D


  • Robert Berlin

    ★★★★½ Watched by Robert Berlin 23 Nov, 2014

    Animated Shenanigans - Film #3

    Persepolis is an emotional and often enjoyable film that deals with heavy subjects such as racism, war and the pursuit of an identity.

    The film is based on a graphic novel sharing the same name (sadly I haven't had the chance to read it yet). We get to follow the main character, Marjane Satrapi, from her young childhood up until she is all grown up. Marjane is a brave character who keeps pushing on despite…


  • Tandra

    ★★★★★ Watched by Tandra 28 Nov, 2014

    I have had the honor of knowing several people from Iran in my life. They are a dignified and noble people. We often get wrapped up in our day to day difficulties and forget the struggles of others. The artwork was beautiful and aptly told the story that needed to be told.


  • panos75

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    Iran's history from the late 70's to the late 00's as seen through the eyes of Marjane Satrapi, the film's author and co-director.

    Sublime animated film, simply one of the best ever committed on film.
    Satrapi manages to intertwine her personal story with the larger History that takes place simultaneously in a way that almost reminds the great David Lean. And all this without ever becoming boring or self-important.
    Kudos also to the eclectic cast for their impeccable voice jobs…


  • David Bowie

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  • ghostdinosaur

    ★½ Watched by ghostdinosaur 11 Nov, 2014

    The moments of Persepolis that work are undermined by its poor attempts at comedy and unfocused narrative.



  • Troy Taylor

    ★★★½ Watched by Troy Taylor 06 Nov, 2014

    A cartoon about the struggles of a young, rebellious girl growing up in post-revolution Iran--there probably aren't many people begging for this in the next summer blockbuster sweep, but it's absolutely brilliant.

    This movie, based on a graphic novel, manages to control the tone of a movie that would be incredibly heavy and depressing if filmed in live action. The animation lightens the tone when it wants to, and makes it more serious when it chooses as well. It is…


  • jonbonraki

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    to me this takes a plunge into a different culture, and it clearly goes in a path of how confused someone can become due to experience of different cultures.

    I really enjoyed this story, and think it's a good introduction to the graphic novel format for reluctant readers. Those who like biographies, cultural and historical dramas, and stories of personal journeys will no doubt enjoy this book. Highly recommended.