• tstern1

    ★★½ Added by tstern1

    Scummy antagonist drug dealer from Pusher 2 becomes scummy protagonist drug dealer trying to kick a heroin habit in Pusher 3.


  • Robyn Nesbitt

    ★★★★ Added by Robyn Nesbitt

    Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn directs and writes the third and final film of his gritty Pusher trilogy that explores the character of Milo played by Zlatko Buric, who hasn't given up his dominance of the Copenhagen underworld. Refn shows how hard this ruthless, feared man can fall over a harrowing twenty-four hour period, in which bad judgment, naiveté, and addiction nearly cost him an empire. He’s frustrated, insecure, and tired of being taken for granted. And just like Tonny…


  • Naughty

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Naughty 11 Nov, 2014

    Noir-November Challenge! Movie #26

    3rd film in the Nicolas Winding Refn Pusher Trilogy

    Zlatko Buric was wickedly delicious as the big time gangster Milo in the previous entries of the trilogy! If you thought he was a badass before wait til you see him perform his own version of hammer time in this decidedly more gruesome final entry of the Pusher Trilogy!

    To see my Original Review see link below!


  • Michael

    ★★★½ Watched by Michael 11 Mar, 2012

    Definitely helps to be familiar with drug distributor Milo from the first two "Pusher" films as we see him fall into the same situation the protagonists of the earlier films were in; owing money for a deal gone bad. Additionally, Milo has to juggle cooking for his daughter's 25th birthday gathering, attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and having to attend to all of his drug business dealings personally because he inadvertently debilitated his gang with food poisoning.

    Sounds funny, no?



  • Michael Bihari

    ★★★½ Watched by Michael Bihari 18 Oct, 2014

    My least favorite in the Pusher trilogy, but still a film I could not stop watching. In the first two parts of the trilogy, I cared about the lead character. In this film, I could care less about any of them. The violence, when it comes, is a bit gorier than in the previous parts of the trilogy but are as nasty and fun as NWR gets!


  • Alex Thomas

    ★★★ Watched by Alex Thomas 03 Sep, 2014

    My least favourite of the trilogy but it was still interesting, thought Milo's character was great to focus on.


  • inri222

    ★★★½ Watched by inri222 27 Aug, 2014

    Supporting character Milo form Pusher & Pusher II takes over as the lead in the third installment. We see him preparing for his daughter's 25th birthday but can't seem to escape his personal problems & dirty dealings. Not as good as the first 2 films but still worth watching.


  • Ingmar

    ★★★½ Watched by Ingmar 19 Aug, 2014

    Zlatko Buric is terrific as a man, Milo, whose life is in crumbles. He struggles to attend his rehab meetings in a genuine hope of abandoning his addiction. In the meantime he's stressed by his role as caterer at his daughter's twenty-fifth birthday. But Milo's position society is at the end of the underground Copenhage gang world. Much like the second Pusher film, this is a character-driven story, where the viewer is impressed by how subtle a narrative Refn can…


  • Derek Diercksmeier

    ★★★★★ Added by Derek Diercksmeier

    The film is a masterful conclusion to one of the greatest trilogies ever made.


  • cronic

    ★★★★ Added by cronic

    End of the trilogy. The cut up scene is so nasty


  • danteuss88

    ★★★★½ Watched by danteuss88 26 Jul, 2014

    "Ste mene našli jebat?! STE MENE NAŠLI JEBAT?!?!" -Milo


  • Eugene McCrann

    ★★½ Added by Eugene McCrann

    A return to form after the angry father and sons saga of Pusher II. Though it's mostly Milo, who's a superior protagonist to Tonny - a more patient and humorous man, someone who can make arrangements outside the drug trade - while the intercontinental power struggle for dope is a thornier premise. Fatigue setting in however - there's not much left to uncover about junkie scoundrels in Copenhagen.