• TheCincyKid

    ★★★½ Added by TheCincyKid

    Straining the sub-section of stories about the mundanities of run-down drug dealers to a place that it had never before gone and will probably not repeat with the same mixture of diffidence and shock, Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death augments the trilogy's all-encompassing concept of gangland indignity, the common thirst for escape, and the painful indifference of life. Like its predecessors, it's more a day in the life of a drug lord reeling toward disintegration than an extreme adventure in villainy. There are plenty of bodies, but somehow, it's poignant not only in spite of but because of its indifference to being a finale.


  • Ollie_8

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  • gmosalad

    ★★★★ Watched by gmosalad 16 Oct, 2015

    A very satisfying conclusion to the Pusher series. Or perhaps unsatisfying, but in an incredibly well done way. This installment focuses on Milo (Zlatko Buric), the antagonist of the first film and friendly cameo of the second. As with the prior series entries, it's focuses on a single drug dealer in trouble with higher-ups. While Milo may have been a scary higher-up ten years ago, he's now perhaps too old for the modern drug scene. He's also preoccupied with setting…


  • Psicopanadero

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  • Funnyguy

    ★★★½ Watched by Funnyguy 06 Oct, 2015

    Good film. A focused character study like the 2nd part of the filmseries, but crafted more similarely to the 1st part of the series.


  • Brendan Edwards

    ★★½ Watched by Brendan Edwards 22 Jul, 2015

    This film is a tad more disgusting and gruesome in the end. Again a new person from the series is the center of the story, where focus is on the Serbian drug lord Milo and his troubles and ways of dealing with them. His performance is also good in his role and the film is a descent watch.


  • Keith

    ★★½ Watched by Keith 13 Jul, 2015

    Continuing the good series this one again looks at another character from the first film (Milo) and shows his issues and how he deals with them. Nice to see the quality being maintained and the new approach in each film. There is little moralising here, just showing things in a matter-of-fact way.


  • nicksav

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    It's perhaps the weakest the in the trilogy but still remains a highly superior character study even if the somewhat gruesome finale does let the film down.


  • Tom Morton

    ★★★½ Watched by Tom Morton 22 Jun, 2015

    Now this is more like it! Milo was one of the most interesting characters in the original Pusher, and he proves to be much more deserving of his own sequel than Tonny was in Pusher 2. Like the second film, this essentially just expands the character traits we learned about in the first film out to feature-length, but Milo's character - a competent drug dealer who would rather be a chef, but is a dangerously bad cook - is much…


  • Raoul Groothuizen

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  • Juan Bacaro

    ★★★★★ Watched by Juan Bacaro 28 May, 2015 9

    Impresionante! Me tardé mucho en verlas. Muy probablemente la trilogía "Pusher" sea una de mis favoritas a partir de ahora.

    La secuencia salvaje hacia el final es para voltear la mirada. No cualquiera la resiste.

    Brillante performance de Zlatko Buric. Lo mejor de todo es poder sentir la debacle de su personaje con el paso del tiempo en relación a la primera parte (y a su breve aparición en la segunda). El contraste de sus actitudes según las presiones que sufre está narrado con maestría.


  • Dylan Tyner

    ★★★★½ Watched by Dylan Tyner 25 Apr, 2015 1

    "If I'm gonna fix one of his problems, he has to fix one of mine."

    I've officially finished the Pusher trilogy in less than 24 hours, and it was without a doubt, one of the best cinematic experiences i've had in quite some time. These were three films that I have had on my watch list for far too long and I couldn't be happier with the out come of this saga.

    Just when I thought it couldn't get darker…