• ritinha747

    ★★½ Added by ritinha747

    Nice movie! It was funny but Shrek beats this.


  • Paul Boyne

    ★★★ Rewatched by Paul Boyne 11 Aug, 2015

    It’s an origin story. If there’s one thing that fifteen-plus years of Hollywood franchises have taught us, it’s that no matter how uninteresting the origin stories of beloved characters happen to be, the studios will continue feeding them to us. And Puss in Boots was very much beloved. A secondary character introduced in Shrek 2, the swashbuckling tabby cat was voiced by Antonio Banderas, who had already played Zorro in live action and so knew exactly what tone the role called for. He gives the character boundless charm, and cats are incredibly cute. This isn’t rocket science.

    Full review here


  • dellamore

    ★★ Watched by dellamore 17 Jul, 2015

    Puss finds pussy to help an egg.


  • movienerd13

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    A mostly forgettable film but certainly not the worst animated children's film ever made. The addition of Zach Galifiankis as Humpty Dumpty was a spirited choice but Antonio Banderas doesn't seem to be having as much fun as the title character as he once did in the stellar Shrek 2.


  • Rachel

    ★★½ Watched by Rachel 05 Aug, 2015

    Nice animation but average story and only sometimes funny.


  • Entiman

    ★★½ Watched by Entiman 27 Jul, 2015

    Un film no tan terrible como me esperaba, aún siendo tremendamente irregular. Lo mejor es que no intenta hacer gracia a cada segundo, cosa que era muy probable a tenor de lo visto con el personaje en la saga de Shrek, sino que le construyen una (delirante) historia de pasado trágico en la que basarse para la trama de ésta.

    Podía haber sido peor.


  • Dalton Henderson

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    Puss in boots brings one of our fav Shrek characters his own spinoff movie amd it's pretty good.


  • Brent Joseph Cruz

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    Jack: I hate cats!
    Puss in Boots: That's not what your mama said!
    Ohhh Cat: Ooooooohhhhhh!

    Puss In Boots
    was originally planned straight to dvd but it shows it can tell a story with amusing animation.

    Puss and Humpty Dumpty are orphans yet brothers by heart yet
    Puss and Humpty are the opposite to one another, one is heroic and the other lacks heroism. Puss becomes a young hero saving a lady from a bull.One night, Humpty wakes up Puss…


  • Jessica-Robyn

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    I avoided watching Puss in Boots because I always am a little wary of spin offs based on popular characters. I was worried it was only a cash grab and really, my watch list is long enough already. However, I was proven wrong. This was a fun little movie with an interesting story and solid animation.


  • Priscila

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  • mette k

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    Unfortunately the trailer was better than the whole movie.


  • Rolivers

    ★★ Watched by Rolivers 25 Apr, 2015

    just ok. nothing special.