• Peter A Krueger

    ★★★★ Watched by Peter A Krueger 17 Apr, 2016

    Wow. Why did I wait over 30 years to watch this one? Red Sonja is a modern marvel.

    At times it plays like a particularly large budgeted student film, and other times like an anti-sex version of Barbarella. There are so many reminders of far better films, such as the throne room from Flash Gordon, the "your shit is gold" machine from The Holy Mountain (which turns into the magic mirror from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs), the acting…


  • Sonic Yoda

    ★★½ Watched by Sonic Yoda 28 Mar, 2016

    A confused little fantasy adventure that acts as a platform to expose Brigitte Nielsen to the world. The beautiful cinematography and epic score by Ennio Morricone disguise a film that treats women like absolute garbage (for example, the first shot of Nielsen has her exposed).

    Sonja defies a self-proclaimed queen who is looking to steal a powerful talisman with the power to destroy the world. Sonja's defiance brings on the queen's wrath who orders her army to kill Sonja's family…


  • Craig Hart

    Added by Craig Hart

    Conan-derivative sword-and-sorcery flick (think more "the Destroyer" than "the Barbarian", which is apt given that director Richard Fleischer directed the poo-fest that is "Conan the Destroyer"), with Brigitte Nielsen as Red Sonja, limited actress and swordswoman extraordinaire, on a quest for revenge and a mystical talisman that was stolen by an evil queen (played by Conan alum, Sandahl Bergman), all while wearing a really fake wig. Tagging along is Lord Kalidor, played by another Conan alum, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, who…


  • David Darling

    ★★★★ Rewatched by David Darling 24 Feb, 2016

    So fun to watch this movie again, haven't watched since it was released on VHS some 30 or so years ago.

    A great movie with both female lead and female villian, as well as amazing set design.


  • Stephan

    ★★ Watched by Stephan 27 Nov, 2015

    Halten wir mal fest: Brigitte Nielsen war mal richtig heiß, konnte aber – zumindest in diesem Film – Null schauspielern; der Film ist eigentlich ein dritter "Conan"-Film auch wenn er eigentlich keiner ist; und aus heutiger Sicht ist er stellenweise unfassbar lustig, was ihn rettet.


  • Per Hasselström

    Watched by Per Hasselström 06 Feb, 2016

    The coolest collection of funny helmets I've ever seen in a movie!


  • themissroya

    ★★★ Rewatched by themissroya 02 Feb, 2016

    A 1930s style fantasy realm film made in the 1980s OR
    Unintentionally hilarious erotica at its campy best.
    You could watch this with an elderly relative and nobody's gonna get offended by the sexuality, but everyone knows it's there.
    Even the gore is pretty tame by today's standards.

    The costumes are fantastic, the score is wonderful.

    And no, that isnt Conan, but yeah, it's an easy mistake.

    *watch this every year on my birthday; well, maybe "watch" isnt the right word. But it's certainly on in the background. <3



    ½ Added by KMOKLER

    🕕🕡🕖🕢🕣🕘🕤🕙🕥🕚🕦 I pretty much spent the running time of this movie looking at my watch....


  • andibgoode

    ★★★ Watched by andibgoode 22 Dec, 2015

    Danilo Donati has got to be one of my favourite costume designers. His work here is at least 50%, if not more, of what makes this film worth watching.

    The rest is that it's a fairly fun fantasy film , if a little flimsy. (Ha, unintentional alliteration!)


  • Jarrett

    Watched by Jarrett 18 Dec, 2015

    The shits.


  • Adam Theeye Pittman

    Added by Adam Theeye Pittman

    My review -- this dark/action/fantasy/action revenge/adventure film title is now on DVD and it is no surprise to me that this film title has a 50% financial loss to its name of roughly $9 million [keeping in mind the budget was $18 million roughly.] The basic storyline is this [the audience reads some wording on screen,] then we get more background details and then we bear witness to this attempt to destroy this powerful crystal, but something goes tragically wrong…


  • Isaac von Schmitt

    ★★ Watched by Isaac von Schmitt 02 Sep, 2015

    Oh man, if they got rid of the kid, and just had Red Sonja and Arnold Schwarzenegger killing things, this would have been a lot better. The kid and his father were so freaking annoying.

    The locations were pretty neat and interesting, however, I don't think I'll be watching this again anytime soon.