★★★★ Watched by YI JIAN 21 Jun, 2015


    I'm still trembling in excitement. Please don't watch this before driving or you'll be flooring the pedal. Adrenaline filled, unlimited craziness. Made from a 100,000 hand made drawings, giving off a ton of energy per second. The walls shook, blood vessels burst. Redline goes with a pace as fast as it's racers, so do try to keep up, slowpokes.


  • Roadhou5e

    ★★★★★ Watched by Roadhou5e 29 May, 2015

    Coyboy Bebop + F-Zero + the good parts of podracing = Redline. The visuals in this movie are amazing - some of the best animation/visual touches I have ever seen in anime.


  • Axeshizzle

    Rewatched by Axeshizzle 19 May, 2015

    'Its development took seven years and used 100,000 hand-made drawings.' (Wikipedia)

    Much like Gravity (2013), you don't watch Redline if you're looking for an intriguing narrative.
    Redline is self-aware and achieved what it set out to do.
    (Which is to be awesome, firing on all cylinders.)

    Still remains the most visually impressive 2D animated production I have seen to date.

    'It's like drugs for your eyes.'
    -Everyone who's seen Redline


  • Cavin Hawkins

    ★★ Watched by Cavin Hawkins 18 May, 2015

    It's like Speed Racer meets Death Race. The animation was kinda cool, even though sometimes it was hard to tell what was going on, and the races were alright. Everything else, though, was meh. I just never really got into it.


  • Adam Silverman

    ★★½ Watched by Adam Silverman 17 May, 2015

    this film has a few big issues.



  • MasterPike

    ★★★ Watched by MasterPike 06 May, 2015

    The racing scenes are exhilarating and there's enough crazy bio-weapons, tits, mecha and insane support characters for most anime fans to slake their thirst on. I enjoyed it but more for the brilliant design than the narrative which is pretty tame and superficial at best: duck-tailed Mr. Cool wants to win the race and the girl - it is what it is.

    The thick shadowed design is gorgeous and the look of the weapons and cars pretty amazing. All in all a neon clusterfuck of sound and fury. Easily enjoyed and easily forgotten.


  • macdude

    ★★★ Watched by macdude 27 Apr, 2015 2

    It's gonna be difficult for me to talk about this movie without mentioning Speed Racer. Honestly, many of the reasons I like this movie are for the same reasons I loved speed racer. A series of over the top, unrealistic, off-the-wall races involving unrealistic cars, lots of danger, cheesy lines and lots of lots of tension. That's really all i have to say about this movie because it is pretty shallow. The whole story of the Roboworld government trying to…


  • pepito pea

    ★★★★½ Watched by pepito pea 11 Apr, 2015

    despite my long time, deep admiration for the beautiful, melancholic films of studio ghibli, they've always seemed to lack a certain je nais se quoi. basically, LOTS OF FAST FUCKING DANGEROUS CARS.


  • T.E.P.

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by T.E.P. 03 Apr, 2015

    "All I know is I'm behind the wheel, so it's my party now."

    I'm going to be perfectly honest and admit my intentions with this review aren't entirely pure. I'm tired of people I know qualifying the statement that they like Redline by saying "oh, but the plot sucks," or, more importantly, criticizing Redline for that while other things that hardly seem any more narratively complete apparently get a pass. Since this is where I'm coming from, I may give…


  • Jay Rosenkrantz

    ★★★★½ Added by Jay Rosenkrantz

    7 years and 100,000 drawings = Speed Racer on acid. Pound for pound one of the most entertaining movies I have experienced. Visually stunning, crazy imaginative, makes you feel like you've snorted seven hundred tons of rocket fuel. I want to watch it again, I also want my own theme song. REDLIIIINE!


  • Balzac

    ★★★★½ Added by Balzac

    After watching this, I am no longer a person. I am now a giant, throbbing erection in the shape of a man.


  • Carl Ingebretsen

    ★★★★ Watched by Carl Ingebretsen 25 Mar, 2015

    This movie goes like a bullet, throwing fifteen different balls in the air while spinning around, doing an interpretive ballet and breakdance-performance while involved in a gunfight that happens in the middle of a kaiju outbreak and a love story, all while juggling the fifteen previously mentioned balls, pausing momentarily to throw them in your face one by one, and it always hits its target beautifully.

    You have been warned.