Referees at Work - Schiedsrichter im Fokus Referees at Work - Schiedsrichter im Fokus

How can a few crucial minutes in a football match change the life of an entire family? How do the "men in black" feel when they are attacked by supporters? Kill the Referee unveils the lives of several professional football referees at the EURO 2008 championship; amongst them, the English referee Howard Webb, who provoked incredible controversy when he gave a penalty to Austria just before the end of the match with Poland, and the Italian Roberto Rosetti, who refereed the final.

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Thanks, Steve! The Complete And Definitive Letterboxd Football (Soccer) Movie List and then some


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A list started by Steve G.

Missing from Letterboxd:
Штрафной удар ("Penalty Kick")(1963, Soviet Union)

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Documentaries about everything soccer with a great cinematic qualities. Essential Viewing while contemplating the FIFA Worldcup 2014.

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Best Football Movies Ever


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As a football fan I really like to watch movies about football and all the things around. There's a lot…