• Matthew Bailey

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    That was quite something.


  • andy

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    For some reason I expected this movie to have a happy ending, but I think I need to just lie down for a little bit


  • Paukzen

    ★★★ Watched by Paukzen 21 Sep, 2011



  • Howway

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  • Josh Surratt

    ★★★★★ Watched by Josh Surratt 24 Mar, 2015

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Holy fuck.

    I had low hopes for this movie, honestly. I went into it thinking it would be overrated and its only saving grace would be its incredible cinematography and outstanding editing/transitions. Maybe even a couple of performances.

    I'm actually really glad I went in with such low expectations, because I was blown away at how incredible this movie was. I was not expecting it to be this great. The performances of everyone, including Marlon Wayans, who I'd only seen…


  • csf04

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  • Katie

    ★★ Watched by Katie 30 Jan, 2015

    This was depressing as hell to watch honestly. It's like one bad decision after another, with trippy hallucinations in between.The plot seemed endless and pointless, and I never really noticed that "resolution" that wraps up the story, or at the very least, leaves the viewer feeling better. Now, I'm not always in favor of one, some of the greatest movies don't have happy endings,but this one felt like it needed one. It just seemed to drag on and on and…


  • Agnis

    ★★★ Watched by Agnis 21 Mar, 2015

    Think Trainspotting, but in America.


  • Kyle McMahon

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    What an ending. After i watched this i didnt even wanna think about drugs


  • Adam Klatka

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Adam Klatka 18 Mar, 2015

    Great film and one of the greatest film scores in the history of film. Thank you Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet, you guys are geniuses.

    Also, thank you Jennifer Connelly for existing.

    That aside, Ellen Burstyn is absolutely amazing.

    This was the first acting gig I'd ever seen from Jared Leto and the first time I saw it, it was AFTER I knew he was the singer for 30 Seconds To Mars so I was pretty impressed.

    Probably the best film Marlon Wayans has ever done.


  • Seth Wood

    ★★★★½ Watched by Seth Wood 20 Mar, 2015



  • Chris Vallée

    ★★★★½ Watched by Chris Vallée 16 Mar, 2015

    It's been days since I watched this movie and I just can't shake the feeling of absolute despair that the ending left me with. This is such a powerful film that is both beautiful and disturbing, painting a horrifying portrait of addiction that is so emotionally devastating I was beside myself by the end of the film. This is an experience unlike anything I have ever seen before. I'm in awe.