• mtsiapas

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  • Ben Miranda

    ★★★★★ Watched by Ben Miranda 14 Dec, 2014

    So yeah, the other, while bogged down with a viral infection that left me practically bedridden, I decided to finally watch Reservoir Dogs.

    And it was awesome.

    As Quentin Tarantino’s first film as a director, the film obviously isn’t as precise as say, Pulp Fiction or the Kill Bill duology, but that gives the film a ramshackle charm all its own. It’s also possibly his most ‘vulgar’ film, as all the characters spout some coarse language and jokes throughout the…


  • shoemouse

    ★★½ Watched by shoemouse 14 Dec, 2014

    I hadn't ever seen this before, but it felt like I had, because it was exactly what I expected! Lots of blood. Quentin loves blood.


  • JC13

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by JC13 09 Dec, 2014

    "You keep talking like a bitch, I'm gonna slap you like a bitch."- Mr. Blonde

    Quentin Tarantino's first film Reservoir Dogs, is in my opinion the greatest directorial debut of all time. A lot of directors aren't able to make the film they want with their debut due to studio interference, but Tarantino had no such problem. Reservoir Dogs is a Tarantino film through and through. It doesn't have all the Tarantinoisms we've come to expect, but it sure has…


  • Adam Theeye Pittman

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    My review -- this film project is now on DVD and the only thing wrong with this project would have to be the profit margin, meaning it is so small it is just a travesty of roughly standing at less than $2 million. To begin this review I would like to give a standard warning such as this, this film project has an 18 certificate for many good reasons such as graphic violence, disfigurement and strong language including the African-American…


  • Jonathan Davies

    Watched by Jonathan Davies 13 Dec, 2014

    The Foundry, Simpson, Netflix


  • Tim

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    "Reservoir Dogs" is the movie that introduced us to the hip, violent, pop-culture riddled world that writer-director Quentin Tarantino can't claim to have invented, but he did perfect it. Even in his first film as director, Tarantino is at the top of his game, in this brutal, funny film. The movie opens with a hilarious scene in a diner where the criminal element discuss tipping and Madonna, and I was hooked from that moment on.

    The dialogue is fresh, authentic…


  • ChasingTheDawn

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    Fantastic. Never seen as good of a low budget movie.


  • Griffin Craft

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    Rewatched one of my favorite films ever. I still can't decide if I like it more than Pulp Fiction


  • claudia

    ★½ Watched by claudia 08 Dec, 2014

    Tarantino's entire life is like a giant WHATEVER BITCH.


  • ApeLincoln

    ★★★★ Watched by ApeLincoln 07 Dec, 2014

    The structure and the dialogues make this film a worthile entry in the heist genre.


  • spacejunk

    ★★★½ Rewatched by spacejunk 06 Dec, 2014

    They are all tided by strong bonds of trust, and ironically is the strength of these same bonds that will turn everything into a massacre. The one who does not trust no one will be the only survivor. Tarantino is smart enough to edit the movie into saving the right turning points for the right parts, but not enough to make Reservoir Dogs an efficient movie. He is clearly more interested in the charm a single scene can have.