Rocky IV Rocky IV

He's facing the ultimate challenge. And fighting for his life.

Rocky must come out of retirement to battle a gargantuan Soviet fighter named Drago, who brutally punished Rocky's friend and former rival, Apollo Creed. Seeking revenge in the name of his fallen comrade and his country, Rocky agrees to fight Drago in Moscow on Christmas, and the bout changes both fighters -- and the world.

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Neverending Christmas movie list


JulieC 1,232 films

I love love Christmas and Christmas movies!!

Movies set at, around or a scene at Christmas.

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Movies in which a character shaves his beard to symbolize getting clean, or learning to live correctly, or having learnt some kind of moral lesson, or some other such bullshit

Srsly, mid-movie removal of facial hair is NOT character development. It's lazy storytelling. Cut. It. Out. /Rant

Suggestions welcome. It's…