• drescon

    ★★ Watched by drescon 29 Sep, 2016

    I love The Shining and I've enjoyed reading theories about it.

    I did not enjoy this 100 minute documentary of people rambling on about their theories. It's pretty boring.


  • Tommy

    ★★★★½ Watched by Tommy 30 Sep, 2016

    I'm a bit shocked by the amount of lukewarm reviews I see for this. I think it's because people think this is real. These people aren't real. They're actors. No one actually thinks these things.

    Now, do I really believe that or am I projecting my own interpretation onto this movie? /spookymusic


  • RodrigoChavez

    ★★ Watched by RodrigoChavez 29 Sep, 2016



  • Sam Hayes

    ★½ Added by Sam Hayes 3

    A ravishing symphony of sights, sounds, colors, and movement. Spectacular.

    I see you, Stanley Kubrick.


  • Madhav

    ★★★ Watched by Madhav 28 Sep, 2016

    this was fun!


  • ZBestdirector

    ★★★ Watched by ZBestdirector 23 Sep, 2016 2

    These theories are absolutely insane but is strangely entertaining to watch nonetheless


  • zackandfurious

    Watched by zackandfurious 19 Sep, 2016

    Room 237 è un documentario pazzeschissimo, e oserei dire imprescindibile per tutti gli appassionati che si interessano di analisi e critica cinematografica, in cui alcuni tizi ossessionati da The Shining espongono teorie complottistiche secondo loro presenti nel film stesso. Al minuto tre ero già attaccato allo schermo. È talmente accattivante che persino la teoria del complotto sull'allunaggio mi è apparsa credibile e clamorosamente affascinante.
    Esaltando i dettagli più nascosti di un film solo (Shining è ovviamente un soggetto perfetto per…


  • kyliegallacher

    Rewatched by kyliegallacher 20 Sep, 2016

    I thought that maybe the first time I watched this I was just being a snob by how stupid I thought this film, but don't worry folks I am still just as flabbergasted by this film. Do you people know what this film's score on Rotten Tomatoes is? 94%. What? I don't understand how anyone could watch this and think that this film has any real sustenance. Ugh this film is so infuriating and it's filled with a bunch of…


  • michelle

    Watched by michelle 19 Sep, 2016

    the Apollo landing was faked.


  • Mr. Zero

    Watched by Mr. Zero 24 Dec, 2013

    Super captivating. Some of the theories are very convincing...others are a little far fetched. I don't really know how the film could be about all of those themes at the same time. I also don't really know what kind of person would take the time to watch this...me, I guess. It definitely makes me want to rewatch The Shining...and read the book...and watch everything else by Kubrick...and look at the moon landing footage...


  • Nanni Cobretti

    Watched by Nanni Cobretti 18 Sep, 2016

    Documentario oserei dire fondamentale per chiunque si interessi di critica cinematografica. Shining è il film perfetto per questo tipo di operazioni: rigoroso e surreale, enigmatico e popolare, e frutto della mente di un regista notoriamente tanto misterioso quanto perfezionista. Alla fine, per sfinimento, quasi mi ha convinto il tizio del complotto sull'allunaggio.


  • grace

    ★★½ Watched by grace 16 Sep, 2016

    this was a trip and a half from start to finish and the guy at the end who was like "the government's going to start tracking me for talking about kubrick faking the apollo footage" is me