• Colin George

    ★½ Watched by Colin George 06 Jul, 2015 1

    "Room No. 237"
    Sure, you can spell room and moon. You can also spell moron.


  • Chris Allred

    ★★★½ Added by Chris Allred

    Room 237 is a fascinating documentary about different interpretations of The Shining. Most of them are total BS, but that isn't to say that this film isn't compelling to watch.


  • J. N. Smith

    ★★½ Added by J. N. Smith

    The theories presented about The Shining (1980) range from the reasonable to the insane and while there is some worthwhile information here, the film gets bogged down and never fully recovers. I’d love to see more films about films, however, the crazies need to end up on the cutting room floor next time.


  • Matt Heiser

    ★★ Watched by Matt Heiser 23 Jun, 2015

    The interpretations of The Shining in this are so ridiculous I just couldn't enjoy this or be interested in it at all. I guess you could say it's an interesting experiment in narrative technique, or something, but was almost totally a waste of time. It's slightly interesting in the way the director doesn't judge the narrators, and lets the viewer make up their own mind, but still is basically the uninteresting ramblings of crazy people.


  • Cameron

    Watched by Cameron 30 Jun, 2015

    this was fucking wild in every sense of the word


  • kurt k

    ★★★½ Added by kurt k

    i feel like my english teachers would fucking love this


  • Brenden Dawley

    ★★★ Watched by Brenden Dawley 23 Jun, 2015

    I think this documentary symbolizes that people see what they want to see.

    Or maybe I'm reading too far into it.

    That would be ironic.


  • M Elizabeth

    ★★★★★ Added by M Elizabeth

    If you love movies, you are required to watch this.


  • Bryan Brassfield

    ★★★ Watched by Bryan Brassfield 14 Jun, 2015

    Interesting documentary on people's different interpretations of Stanly Kubrick's The Shining. A lot of them were interesting (the Native American and moon landing stuff) while some of the sexual themes are bit far fetched. Drags on a bit towards the end, but it's still a fascinating watch.


  • Carter

    ★★★ Rewatched by Carter 20 Jun, 2015

    Silly but entertaining.


  • mesnalty

    Watched by mesnalty 21 Jun, 2015

    I love the irony of the guy who says that the only two words you can make from the letters R-O-O-M-N are "room" and "moon" to support the theory that Kubrick faked the moon landing, missing the word "moron."


  • Bobby Hill

    ★★ Watched by Bobby Hill 21 Jun, 2015

    Nicely filmed but there are some seriously delusional people given air time here. Some of them don't seem to comprehend the basics of film making or continuity (errors). More annoying than enlightening.