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  • Her Her
  • Boyhood Boyhood
  • 12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave
  • The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Social Network The Social Network

100 Best Films of the 2010's (So Far)

Doug S.

Doug S. 100 films 1

Obviously this list is a work in progress. It's been a good decade so far,hope it stays like that. I've…

  • Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas
  • Les Misérables Les Misérables
  • Argo Argo
  • Life of Pi Life of Pi
  • The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises

100 Movies Challenge (2012)

Madally Wurlpiz

Madally Wurlpiz 65 films

It's a relatively blissful year for movies, and this I say without any pausing parenthesis. There were monumental pieces proving…

  • Man on Fire Man on Fire
  • The Hurricane The Hurricane
  • The Great Debaters The Great Debaters
  • The Bone Collector The Bone Collector
  • Safe House Safe House

10 Reasons Denzel Washington is Awesome


NattyD 10 films

If someone asked me who my favourite actor of all time was (surprisingly, this topic has never seemed to come…

  • Sharky's Machine Sharky's Machine
  • Absence of Malice Absence of Malice
  • On Golden Pond On Golden Pond
  • Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip
  • Porky's Porky's

#1 Weekend Box Office Winners from 1982-Present

Matt Conti

Matt Conti 974 films 57 10

I've always been interested in what other people are seeing and watching, and naturally, I love looking at Weekend Box…

  • Inception Inception
  • The Master The Master
  • Drive Drive
  • Black Swan Black Swan
  • Shame Shame


Zac Oldenburg

Zac Oldenburg 401 films

List of films I've seen released in the 2010's

1-25 are in order when viewing "List Order".

  • The Master The Master
  • Intouchables Intouchables
  • Short Term 12 Short Term 12
  • Gravity Gravity
  • The World's End The World's End

2010'S - RANKED

Thomas McCallum

Thomas McCallum 242 films 5

A loose ranking of all feature films released in the decade starting 2010 that I've seen. A few late bloomers…

  • Agneepath Agneepath
  • Underworld: Awakening Underworld: Awakening
  • Wrath of the Titans Wrath of the Titans
  • Contraband Contraband
  • Battleship Battleship



amir_mughal 134 films

  • 21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • American Reunion American Reunion
  • Battleship Battleship
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild Beasts of the Southern Wild


Bill McAlpine

Bill McAlpine 249 films

  • Prometheus Prometheus
  • Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas
  • 21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street
  • Django Unchained Django Unchained
  • Looper Looper
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene Martha Marcy May Marlene
  • Elite Squad Elite Squad
  • Elite Squad: The Enemy Within Elite Squad: The Enemy Within
  • Overheard 2 Overheard 2


Vinson Gabato

Vinson Gabato 226 films

Films watched in 2012.

Not in the database:

Last Supper No. 3 (2009) – Veronica Velasco
Limang Dipang Tao (2012)…

  • Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings Playbook
  • Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom
  • How to Survive a Plague How to Survive a Plague
  • Zero Dark Thirty Zero Dark Thirty
  • Lincoln Lincoln


Andy Hampton

Andy Hampton 86 films

  • Django Unchained Django Unchained
  • Jack Reacher Jack Reacher
  • Zero Dark Thirty Zero Dark Thirty
  • Les Misérables Les Misérables
  • Yelling To The Sky Yelling To The Sky


Lacy McKay

Lacy McKay 77 films

Films I've seen from 2012