• clauclouds

    ★★★ Watched by clauclouds 15 Feb, 2014

    Entretenida y fácil de ver.
    Los paisajes y las imágenes


  • stijndegroof

    ★½ Watched by stijndegroof 10 Jan, 2015

    Worse than I feared.


  • maria

    ★★★ Watched by maria 01 Jan, 2015

    ewan mcgregor is still really cute


  • Fabio Arnold

    Watched by Fabio Arnold 05 Jan, 2015

    1* für Emily Blunt, sonst langweilig und ultra vorhersehbar...


  • Dazzlekins

    Added by Dazzlekins

    For some reason I didn't actually think it would just be about salmon fishing in the Yemen.
    But it is literally about Salmon fishing. In Yemen.


  • katonah

    ★★★ Watched by katonah 30 Dec, 2014

    Charming in its way, not always polished, certainly not plausible and many of the characters could do with more depth. But it's a pleasant watch and good to see some ambition from British cinema to tackle an unusual story.


  • jzyou

    ★★½ Watched by jzyou 25 Dec, 2014

    Watched this at Hao's house on iPlayer. Features Emily Blunt and some other famous actors. Really hilarious at the start, full of great British humour mocking British government etc. However the plot soon deteriorated and the film gradually became worse and worse, and just became another trashy romcom in my opinion in the end. The idea of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is pretty hilarious though.


  • EditGeek

    ★★ Watched by EditGeek 28 Dec, 2014

    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - If asked to describe this film I would have to say 'twee'; it doesn't want to do anything but exist! (C+)


  • ninajackson

    ★★★★ Added by ninajackson

    Beautiful! Excelent film


  • Kevin Doree

    ★★★ Added by Kevin Doree

    Maybe it's some holiday comfort-food thing, but I just let myself go with this...


  • Calum You

    ★★★ Watched by Calum You 25 Dec, 2014

    This shows a lot of promise to start with. At lots of moments you could see this becoming a great film - the humour in British government is already there, and the makings of a great symbolic human theme of faith with the eponymous project. What really lets this film down is the script and dialogue. McGregor, Blunt, and most of the rest of the cast honestly, do a great job of bringing something to the screen when working with…


  • Dan

    ★★ Watched by Dan 23 Dec, 2014

    Oh the films you sit through at xmas