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  • Tokyo Drifter
  • Ohyaku: The Female Demon
  • Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41
  • Carmen's Innocent Love
  • Blind Woman's Curse

Jason Needs Subtitles

Jason Shah

Jason Shah 1,611 films

All the non-English language movies I've seen. Though, some of them have been unfortunately dubbed. I always prefer watching movies…

  • The Scarecrow
  • The Kid
  • Our Hospitality
  • Safety Last!
  • Sherlock, Jr.
  • La Vague
  • Blacksmith Scene
  • Annabelle Butterfly Dance
  • Annie Oakley
  • The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's)

Jason Must Be Colour-Blind

Jason Shah

Jason Shah 1,389 films

All the Black & White movies I've seen.

  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn
  • My Night at Maud's
  • The Great Silence
  • Knight of Cups
  • The Long Day Closes

Immediate Watchlist (Suggestions Welcome)

I keep switching how I choose to watch movies for myself. I think the best way for me now would…

  • Weekend
  • The Silence
  • Through a Glass Darkly
  • Winter Light
  • M

A Criterion a day...

The purpose of this list is to record the progress of the project, which I've optimistically titled "A Criterion a…

  • Blood Simple
  • Heart of a Dog
  • Yojimbo
  • Sanjuro
  • Silence



kabnis 21 films

  • 2LDK
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
  • 9 Deaths of the Ninja
  • 13 Assassins

My Film Library


Zak 1,472 films

  • Motor Psycho
  • Dead End Drive-In
  • In the Blood
  • Andy Kindler: I Wish I Was Bitter
  • Point Blank

My Movies

Ed Küpfer

Ed Küpfer 1,214 films

  • Pastoral: To Die in the Country
  • Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets
  • Taste of Cherry
  • The Music Room
  • Paradise Now


faiel .

faiel . 214 films

Asian/African films I've seen: (145) Japan; (7) South Korea; (32) China; (1) Mongolia; (3) Thai; (1) Filipino; (2) cambodge-khmer ///…

  • Humanity and Paper Balloons
  • Sanshiro Sugata
  • The Most Beautiful
  • The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail
  • No Regrets for Our Youth

Steve's East Asian Filmography: All the East Asian Films I've Seen

Steven Ellerd

Steven Ellerd 797 films

This is a kind of hodgepodge list, roughly chronological, of all the East Asian films I can currently recall ever…

  • Seven Samurai
  • Yojimbo
  • Sanjuro
  • Ran
  • Kagemusha

Japanese Cinema


Eadweard 1,087 films

Just a list of movies I've watched and movies I want to watch.

  • Jules and Jim
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Solaris
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • A Brighter Summer Day