Scenes of the Crime Scenes of the Crime

A young man about to get married earns extra cash by driving a local mobster, but things go awry when the mobster is shot dead by a rival crime boss.

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Films Watched for the First Time in 2013

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  • Heat
  • Lost Highway
  • Bad Boys II
  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Henry Rollins: Ranked


Daryl 10 films 8 5 Edit

Bit part extraordinaire.

What a filmography.

What a man.

  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 - Viva La Fiesta!
  • Housekeeping
  • Down to the Cellar
  • Suckablood
  • Night on Bald Mountain

My Obscure October: Ranked

Adam Cook

Adam Cook 65 films 6 2 Edit

Luckily, my viewing habits haven't had to change at all for this challenge.