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  • The Abyss The Abyss
  • Twee zeeuwsche meisjes in Zandvoort Twee zeeuwsche meisjes in Zandvoort
  • Bout-de-Zan vole un éléphant Bout-de-Zan vole un éléphant
  • Suspense Suspense
  • Fantômas Serial Fantômas Serial

Kenji's "Canon"


kenji1 561 films 12 7

A personal selection, a la Rosenbaum's canon. Need to see more contenders from recent years.

Longer list of 1000:

  • Casino Royale Casino Royale
  • Bananas Bananas
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex…
  • Sleeper Sleeper
  • Love and Death Love and Death


Barbara R.

Barbara R. 826 films 1 1

My private home video collection;
Films in original physical media (DVDs, BDs) I own;
Listed in no particular order.

  • The French Connection The French Connection
  • Le Samouraï Le Samouraï
  • The American Friend The American Friend
  • Human Desire Human Desire
  • The Third Man The Third Man
  • The Selfish Giant The Selfish Giant
  • Enough Said Enough Said
  • Machete Kills Machete Kills
  • Seduced and Abandoned Seduced and Abandoned
  • Post Tenebras Lux Post Tenebras Lux

Every Film I Watched for the 1st Time in: 2014


AS 102 films 3

A comprehensive list of every film I watched for the first time in 2014 - beginning with January 1st and…

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop…
  • The Shining The Shining
  • Paths of Glory Paths of Glory
  • A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange

Top 5 films from top 21 favourite directors

Inspired by Thomas Pollock who started the list, I've also come up with a list containing my top 5 films…

  • The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short
  • Incubus Incubus
  • Chamber of Horrors Chamber of Horrors
  • All My Life All My Life
  • Munster Go Home Munster Go Home

Kb. Discarded Movies (1966-1970)


barkinson 308 films

Taken in consideration to elaborate the favorite lists, some of them only watched partially.

  • Three Kings Three Kings
  • I Heart Huckabees I Heart Huckabees
  • American Hustle American Hustle
  • Blow Blow
  • Lone Survivor Lone Survivor

Films I've watched in 2014

Rohan Morbey

Rohan Morbey 163 films

I'm keeping a list of every film I watch in 2014.

  • Eyes Without a Face Eyes Without a Face
  • Breathless Breathless
  • Le Trou Le Trou
  • Peeping Tom Peeping Tom
  • The Apartment The Apartment
  • Grand Illusion Grand Illusion
  • Seven Samurai Seven Samurai
  • The Lady Vanishes The Lady Vanishes
  • Crook's Tour Crook's Tour
  • Amarcord Amarcord

The Complete Criterion Collection.


Josh 881 films 137 25

UPDATED: February 6, 2014

The Criterion Collection is a video distribution company that sells "important classic and contemporary films" in…

  • Zazie in the Metro Zazie in the Metro
  • The Fire Within The Fire Within
  • Murmur of the Heart Murmur of the Heart
  • Lacombe, Lucien Lacombe, Lucien
  • My Dinner with Andre My Dinner with Andre

Unseen Movies from Great Directors


Rti03 335 films 1 8

These are all movies that have been on my watchlist for ages and i am kind of ashamed to say…

  • Le Cercle rouge Le Cercle rouge
  • Le Samouraï Le Samouraï
  • Army of Shadows Army of Shadows
  • Léon Morin, Priest Léon Morin, Priest
  • A Cop A Cop
  • Quiet Chaos Quiet Chaos
  • The Edukators The Edukators
  • Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt
  • Now Now
  • Oscar and Lucinda Oscar and Lucinda

To watch


Tania 1,884 films

This is a very long list that I'll probably never finish.