• Rkaul

    ★★★★½ Added by Rkaul

    I absolutely enjoyed this movie. It had great humor and great irony. I love the type of zombie movies that are beyond the stereotypes of zombie movies. Shaun of the Dead creates a hilarious comedy out of the now annoying genre of zombie movies. It puts the zombies in the backseat and removes much of the grit and boring action found in this genre. The conclusion of the film was especially hilarious as the zombie event was anti-climatically contained, and everyone went back to their lives. Even zombie-Ed went back to his life to play video games, although now leashed as a pet.


  • MarkFraser

    ★★½ Watched by MarkFraser 25 Apr, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Shaun of the dead, while having its moments, really did not strike me as that original a movie. That being said, I've seen many satirical movies and TV shows before about pop culture fads (such as Family Guy's take on the Star Wars movies), so I've seen a lot of the material shown in this film before. The movie was made in 2004, though, so this movie might just as well have been one of the first satires to have…


  • kf287

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    This was by far the best movie that we have watched in class so far. I thought that besides its obvious wit and hilariousness, the movie contained some truly exciting and thrilling scenes. For some reason, we, as humans, are fascinated with zombies and the "walking dead." I think one of the largest reasons for this is because it is about how many (numerically) we can kill. Most bad guys in films are not in large numbers like zombies are.…


  • Peter Gea

    ★★★ Added by Peter Gea

    It's pretty clear that Shaun of the Dead is meant as an affectionate pastiche of the broader zombie movie genre. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the genre is limited to Zombieland and that one time that I watched the opening ten minutes of Night of the Day of the Dawn[...], so I don't think I've ever seen a zombie film played straight. I still enjoyed the film, but I feel as though a lot of it was lost on me, since…


  • Teresa Huang

    ★★★½ Watched by Teresa Huang 25 Apr, 2016

    The irony of this film is that the protagonists are just about as brain dead as the zombies that are plaguing the town. None of the characters are particularly likable, and from the beginning I kind of hoped that they would all just end up dead. The attempts at humor were incredibly bland and predictable, and the first time I found something to be remotely funny was about 30 minutes into the film, when Shaun called his mother and worriedly…


  • timoh

    ★★½ Added by timoh

    While I enjoy watching zombie movies like World War Z (by Marc Forster) and series like The Walking Dead (by Frank Daradont), I was disappointed with this movie. I was particularly disappointed with the unrealistic scenes where zombies fail at being zombies. I also felt that the zombie apocalypse escalated way too quickly in the movie. This movie was just entertaining, with a few funny scenes in between; a very typical horror comedy film.


  • jrubashkin

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    Edgar Wright is the future of comedy. American comedy has been on the decline for a long time. Wright's dynamic style of filmmaking and joke-telling is apparent throughout the movie, as it is in the other two entries in the "Cornetto trilogy". Simon Pegg is wonderful, Nick Frost is so perfect at being incredibly unlikeable yet lovable, and Bill Nighy is always fun to watch in comedies because he's such a fucking serious looking guy. Is the violence and gore…


  • jsong

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    Shaun, a 29 year old guy who has a very mediocre life with no enthusiasm whatsoever lives through the boring days with his best friend Ed, girlfriend Liz, and his loving mom Barbara. Shaun goes through his everyday chores mechanically, it almost seems he has to passion. All he does is listening to a 17 year old employee laughing at him, handle his not-so-fond stepfather, and hang out at Winchester Bar with Ed after work, drinking beer and snagging some…


  • morganc

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    If you like Zombies and have the humor of a 14 year old boy, Edgar Wright's 2004 film, Shaun of the Dead, a spin-off of Dawn of the Dead, is the perfect movie for you. I personally don't really like Simon Pegg as an actor, because he reminds of movies I find stupid. Actually, it's more that I don't find the way he acts or the plots of the movies he acts in to be funny or humorous. I also…


  • Caitriona Costello

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    This film is a really excellent blend of horror and comedy. I saw it for the first time a few years back, and I liked that I still found it pretty funny the second time. It's visually satisfying, and it's clever and satirical without taking itself too seriously. Simon Pegg adeptly uses humor to highlight the more serious themes in the film (zombification of the working class, growing up). The absurdity of Shawn's priorities (surviving the zombie apocalypse takes the…


  • srw6227

    ★★★★ Watched by srw6227 25 Apr, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This was one of those great ridiculous movies that are considered great because they are so ridiculous. I like how the filmmakers portray Shaun as being very zombie-like in the same way in the beginning and end of the movie, I took that as the filmmakers showing that Shaun never really changed and that he survived the zombies because he basically is one himself. I also really enjoyed the complicated character relationships, like David really liking Liz, but Dianne still…


  • ad647

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    Shaun of the Dead is the classic that started the Cornetto Trilogy directed by Edgar Wright that feature one of the most memorable best-buddy pairings in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. The film is marked by distinctly British humor, and does an excellent job of being self aware and not taking itself too seriously. At the same time, Shaun of the Dead succeeds at incorporating legitimate horror elements as well surprisingly emotional moments. The parallelism and sense of deja-vu is…