Son of Frankenstein Son of Frankenstein
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The black shadows of the past bred this half-man . . . half-demon ! . . . creating a new and terrible juggernaut of destruction !

Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry Frankenstein, returns with his wife, to his fathers estate to claim his inheritance. When he arrives with his family he recieves a hostile reception from locals. While exploring his fathers laboratory he comes across crooked blacksmith - Ygor, who asks him to revive his father's creation - the MONSTER who is lying in a coma. Wolf tries to revive the monster and believes he fails but then some of the locals are found murdered soon after who just happened to be part of the jury that sent Ygor to the gallows. The villagers immediately connect the killings to Frankenstein and send the inspector to investigate. He discovers the monster is alive and is being used as tool by Ygor. Wolf then in fit of madness shoots Ygor. The then enraged monster losing his only friend kidnaps Wolf's son. In the end Wolf tracks the monster to the lab where he swings down on a chain knocking the monster into a sulpher pit and thus his demise.

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Horror Hoarding


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