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  • Seven Samurai Seven Samurai
  • City of God City of God
  • Once Upon a Time in the West Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Casablanca Casablanca
  • Rear Window Rear Window

Top 250 IMDb Movies I Have NOT Seen

Mike Sharples

Mike Sharples 129 films Edit

Over this year I've made it my sole duty to have watched every movie on IMDb's top 250

  • Intolerance Intolerance
  • Sherlock, Jr. Sherlock, Jr.
  • Vampyr Vampyr
  • Late Spring Late Spring
  • Wild Strawberries Wild Strawberries

Challenge: Monthly Goals

Luis Baia

Luis Baia 40 films 1 Edit

The idea is to create monthly challenges, of around 10 different movies (not crazy enough to go for 30 movies…

  • The Leopard The Leopard
  • Mahanagar Mahanagar
  • Winter Light Winter Light
  • Woman in the Dunes Woman in the Dunes
  • A Fistful of Dollars A Fistful of Dollars
  • Children of Paradise Children of Paradise
  • Amarcord Amarcord
  • The Conformist The Conformist
  • Blow-Up Blow-Up
  • 8½

Letterboxd Masterpieces

Carson Joiner

Carson Joiner 164 films 1 Edit

I joined Letterboxd about six months ago in May 2014. This is a list of the most impressive films that…

  • Children of Paradise Children of Paradise
  • La dolce vita La dolce vita
  • Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
  • Vengeance Is Mine Vengeance Is Mine
  • Pale Flower Pale Flower

My Favorite Films

This list is in no particular order and isn't complete yet. I'm hoping to finish working on it over the…

  • Metropolitan Metropolitan
  • Paths of Glory Paths of Glory
  • Throne of Blood Throne of Blood
  • Sweet Smell of Success Sweet Smell of Success
  • La dolce vita La dolce vita

Film A Day

Carson Joiner

Carson Joiner 610 films 5 Edit

Starting today ( May 26, 2014 ) I plan on watching a film every night. The next day I will…

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Taxi Driver Taxi Driver
  • Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream
  • Ikiru Ikiru
  • The Big Lebowski The Big Lebowski

My Favorites


Isaiah_Bleu 20 films Edit

A list of my favorite films not in a particular order.
Will continually be adding to this.

  • Tunneling the English Channel Tunneling the English Channel
  • Les Vampires Les Vampires
  • Tih Minh Tih Minh
  • Foolish Wives Foolish Wives
  • Greed Greed

Jonathan Rosembaum's 1000 Essential Films: The Top 100

Thiago Looney

Thiago Looney 100 films 2 Edit

Here are Rosenbaum's 100 favorite films, in chronological order

  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
  • Jaws Jaws
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • The Godfather The Godfather
  • Stalker Stalker
  • A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange
  • A Single Shot A Single Shot
  • Ali Ali
  • All Is Lost All Is Lost
  • All the President's Men All the President's Men
  • A Trip to the Moon A Trip to the Moon
  • Intolerance Intolerance
  • Orphans of the Storm Orphans of the Storm
  • Way Down East Way Down East
  • Isn't Life Wonderful Isn't Life Wonderful
  • Lost in Translation Lost in Translation
  • Paris, Texas Paris, Texas
  • Herostratus Herostratus
  • Walkabout Walkabout
  • Synecdoche, New York Synecdoche, New York

Top 50 favourites 01/2015

Rob Clough

Rob Clough 50 films 1 Edit

All-time that is.