• oobawa

    ★★★★ Watched by oobawa 26 May, 2015 1

    NIGHT ONE: I’ve had Stalker for over a week now, waiting to start in on it until a couple nights clear up where I can devote a solid amount of time to Tarkovsky’s sci-fi head trip. It’s been a long day—I’ve been up since five—and I know better than to begin a nearly three-hour movie after ten p.m., but my wife seems to be ready to turn in and I figure I can at least make it through the first…


  • StalkerBen

    ★★★★★ Added by StalkerBen

    This movie is life. It is fire and water. It is the pinnacle of Tarkovsky and the greatest movie of the genre. It's profetic and introspective into the human soul. It encompasses subjects at such a brisk pace and seems to drag. It hypnotizes and excites. It will blow and expand your mind. It is, in My humble opinion, the greatest film ever made.


  • Anton Amnehagen

    ★½ Watched by Anton Amnehagen 27 May, 2015

    It was hard work getting through this.


  • Chris Campbell

    ★★★★½ Watched by Chris Campbell 13 Jan, 2007

    Andrei Tarkovsky made some of the most beautiful and melancholic films that I’ve seen. I discovered him via “Solaris”: and it probably was the first art house film that I saw. Slowly paced, poetic and beautifully shot, it was intriguing and different from anything that I’d seen before. Years later I saw Nostalghia which was filled with some of the most strikingly beautiful images ever seen on film.
    Finally I saw Stalker which is a story about a man who…


  • Gustav

    ★★½ Watched by Gustav 13 May, 2015 11

    Part of me of me wants to blame this on the sound-mixing on the copy I watched, but the entire thing felt like an exercise in aimless dread. The oppressive score over the seemingly haphazard dialogue gives an ugly push-back to its visual splendor, and muddles it to a point of ostentatious gloom.

    Stalker's dream sequence is a brilliant short film sandwiched between some of Tarkovsky's most experimental and grating work.



    ★★★★★ Watched by YI JIAN 20 May, 2015 13

    No one simply wishes to be rich. We all want to be richer than others, or become the richest man in the world. Men are inherently selfish. We laugh at the people below us and we wish death upon anyone who's above us. Believe it or not, it's true for everyone. We are all great sufferers of the protagonist disease.

    This is why when a room has the ability to fulfill our subconscious desires, it is seen as a danger…


  • Bryan Colley

    ★★ Added by Bryan Colley

    "I want to make another movie."

    "But Andrei, our budget is 100 rubles."

    "No problem. All I need is three actors and an abandoned factory."

    Here's one of the least eventful movies ever made. It involves three men wandering through an abandoned factory where death (or something like it) supposedly lurks around every corner, but the threat is never apparent. Eventually (and it's a Russian film, so eventually means many hours later) they do some deep soul searching to make…


  • Shrabster

    ★★★ Added by Shrabster

    Some Russians walk around an abandoned building for no reason.


  • Emory Taylor

    ★★★★ Added by Emory Taylor

    Watching Tartovsky's Stalker late at night while everyone else is asleep is both fabulous and frustrating. First it is beautiful and has some really pretty 19th Century thinking. But then you just get hit again and again with Biblical Allegoryitis. Seriously, did we need the road to Emmaus AND a crown of thorns? Or the three glasses as the trinity? My sympathies lean to Stanislaw Lem's accusation that Solaris (1972) was Crime and Punishment in Space.

    But Tartovsky's ultra conservative…


  • AM9192

    ★★★★★ Added by AM9192

    This is some other level shit. A movie that spoke directly to my soul! Immaculately shot and directed, Stalker is a monumental film. Masterpiece is not even a fitting word for this, as it just goes beyond. I was hypnotized within the first 20 minutes and it held my grasp until the end, which pretty much fucked my mind into oblivion. After the first time I saw this film, it instantly took it's place as my favorite film. Tarkovsky deals in the metaphysical and the existential and Stalker is the perfect essence of his art and philosophy.


  • Chris Campbell

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Chris Campbell 10 May, 2015

    Every time I watch Tarkovsky's Stalker I'm surprised by how it doesn't seem to feel as long as it is. It's all relative now because the average Hollywood blockbuster is the same length, but with Tarkovksy the pacing of Stalker feels just right. Visually it's stunning and I wish for a good transfer at some point in the future to be able to see the film in a better state as it's filled with some of the most stunning imagery in any film. A contemplative and enigmatic science fiction film that becomes better every time I watch it.


  • Brandon Marshall

    ★★★½ Watched by Brandon Marshall 06 May, 2015

    I wasn't exactly let down, but maybe I didn't manage my expectations quite like I should have. Stalker is a beautiful motion picture, but I somehow left slightly underwhelmed and a mess of thoughts. It's wonderfully dense, definitely requires another viewing from me to fully grasp.