State Property 2 State Property 2

Three gangsters vie for control of the streets of Philadelphia.

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The Urban Film Canon

Post-Blaxploitation Cinema.

I am trying to find as many films that fit this vague aesthetic as possible.

  • Juice
  • Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
  • Strapped
  • Friday
  • Next Friday

Black Movies I Enjoyed or Probably Will Enjoy


souldougie 198 films 2 Edit

The best black movies out there, from the urban comedies to the gun dramas to the occasional kung fu movie.

  • A Certain Sacrifice
  • Vision Quest
  • Desperately Seeking Susan
  • Shanghai Surprise
  • Who's That Girl


Luke Pauli

Luke Pauli 756 films 1 1 Edit

A list of films starring musicians. Not including rappers 'cos i've done a separate list for that. Let me know…