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Louise is living in Montreal, unemployed. Her sister Paulette often gives her a hard time. She only gets to see her poetry-quoting married boyfriend Julien once a week. She hangs out a lot at the dance studio in her building... Louise decides to offer an hour of her time to strangers on the street. "An hour of myself", to do whatever they want to do. But one hour precisely, that's it. This leads to many different situations, some funny, some sexy, some sad. Louise talks to someone who later turns out to have been an undercover reporter. The reporter anticipates a bad end for Louise...

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Films québécois

Liste qui tente de regrouper toutes les productions cinématographiques québécoises, principalement de fiction (inclus quelques documentaires notoires).

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Crystal Globe, Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Winners of the top prize at the Czech film festival.