If the sun dies, so do we.

50 years from now the sun is dying and life on earth is threatened by arctic temperatures. Mankind puts together all its resources and sends a spaceship carrying a huge bomb designed to re-ignite the dying sun.

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Lucy 100 films 322 19 Edit

my favorite letterboxd posters! ordered by color (only movies i've seen)

  • Take Shelter
  • Starlet
  • Pariah
  • The Duke of Burgundy
  • Igby Goes Down

film recs: hidden gems


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are they all hidden? i don't know, but the term Hidden Gems is fun to say

  • Be Cool
  • Millions
  • The Ring Two
  • Melinda and Melinda
  • Sin City

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Note: some films were reviewed twice, once at a film festival and then were…