• Gabriel Green

    ★★★ Watched by Gabriel Green 11 Feb, 2016

    I can't even...
    What kind of sick twisted mind...?

    Sondheim seriously needs to get his head examined.

    In all seriousness this is a fairly enjoyable film in spite of Burton's annoying choice to drastically desaturate the color palate and the majority of the songs being dull and forgettable.
    And the scripts gives absolutely no depth to the few decent characters and sidelines them for large amounts of screen time despite their importance to the plot. And with a protagonist…


  • Milton Guimarães

    ★★ Rewatched by Milton Guimarães 11 Feb, 2016

    Timothy Spall singing will haunt your dreams.


  • Wyatt

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Wyatt 10 Feb, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I'm happy to say that my rematch made me love it even more. This has to be my favorite Tim Burton film and Johnny Depp's singing abilities in this kind of shocked me more so the second time around than in my initial viewing.

    You have Sweeney and you have Mrs. Lovett who represent two very different kinds of evil. Sweeney depicts the physical evil through his bloody, often grotesque string of murders. You can obviously feel the evil because…


  • Joseph Smith-Matthews

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Joseph Smith-Matthews 10 Feb, 2016

    The teamwork of Burton and Sondheim makes this a memorable, bloody good time.


  • Cody McHugh

    ★★★★★ Watched by Cody McHugh 30 Dec, 2015

    "Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.
    His skin was pale and his eye was odd.
    He shaved the faces of gentlemen
    who never thereafter were heard of again.
    He trod a path that few have trod
    did Sweeney Todd
    the demon barber of fleet street."

    One of the greatest musicals ever made. The song the lyrics above belong to doesn't actually appear in the movie but I like it so I thought I'd start with it.

    I don't think anyone…


  • Julia Kester

    ★★★★ Watched by Julia Kester 07 Feb, 2016

    Rating: B+


  • Hadenoid

    ★★★½ Watched by Hadenoid 06 Feb, 2016

    Sweeney Todd feels like it was very much a product of it's time. It was 2007, the peak of the gritty anti-hero blockbuster, a time just before the masses grew tired of Tim Burton's iconic 'twisted fairy tale' art style. And while general audiences may have had an issue with the style in general at the time, it became somewhat obnoxious to look at when it was repeatedly contrasted by over-saturated flashbacks and dream sequences. I was very relieved to…


  • Gimly

    ★★★½ Added by Gimly

    Manages to blend the dark with the campy and is elevated for it.


  • Dylan Harris

    ★★★★ Watched by Dylan Harris 02 Feb, 2016

    Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and the usual suspects do "A Very Tim Burton Musical". In another gleeful gothically-spiked work from the Burton-Depp couple (Berdepp? Depton??) Once again, someone knew who the best director to choose for this adaptation was. The premise screams Burton. Given, it is even bleaker and darker than he usually gets. There are loud echoes of Shakespeare, from the tragedy and revenge themes, to the plot and characters (Mrs Lovett and Sweeny Todd ooze with the…


  • Crystal

    ★★★½ Watched by Crystal 11 Mar, 2009

    I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to and I am a big fan of musicals! I am a huge fan of Stephen Sondheim and I've never been big on Johnny Depp or Tim Burton so I wasn't expecting very much but I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well a match this turned out to be.


  • Paul Bulger

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Paul Bulger 29 Jan, 2016 2

    A great deal of the music sounds the same, but it's so visually seductive and darkly witty that it's impossible to resist.


  • Drew Helton

    ★★★★ Added by Drew Helton

    Alright, most hardcore musical lovers, like myself, hated this adaption.

    Maybe because I was just SOOOOO excited when it came out, or maybe I'm just an exception, but...


    There, I said it. Are the vocals perfect? No. Is the casting perfect? No. Is the visions perfect? No.

    But it works for me. 100%. There were days, once it was released on blu-ray, that I went a binder for a few days of only watching the movie. I REGRET NOTHING!!!