Syndicate Sadists Syndicate Sadists

A biker's brother is killed while investigating the kidnapping of a young boy, the byproduct of a war between two crime families. The biker vows to get revenge by finding the kidnapped boy and destroying the two families.

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Poliziottesco all'italiana - Euro crime

contains all kind of euro crime movies, beginning with classic poliziottesco movies, gangster and mafia movies but also some rape…

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Euro Crime

Favourite 'Euro Crime' films. Not in any definite order of preference, it's roughly in order but it's prone to change…

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It's a Eurocrime! [top 15, plus all I've seen (with notes)]


Ipcress 45 films 15 4


A list of 1. my top 15 Eurocrime/Poliziotteschi films and 2. all the rest of them I've seen.…