Nothing exciting ever happened in Chris' family. But within 48 hours, his mother will be kidnapped, His father will be forced to reveal a secret past and he will find himself at the center of an adventure he never dreamed could happen to him.

A Texan with a secret past (Gene Hackman) searches Europe with his son (Matt Dillon) after the KGB kidnaps his wife (Gayle Hunnicutt).

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201 Lesser-Known 1980s Movies *Updated*

I absolutely love '80s movies, and I collect rare/deleted titles. I still have every one of these on VHS :-)

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Is Gene Hackman an actor who deserves far more recognition than he has received? Of course. Will he ever receive…

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Gene Hackman

My favorite actor. (missing: First to Fight (1967), A Covenant with Death (1967), I Never Sang for My Father (1971),…