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  • The Uninvited The Uninvited
  • Mighty Aphrodite Mighty Aphrodite
  • Something Wild Something Wild
  • A Night to Remember A Night to Remember
  • The Smiling Lieutenant The Smiling Lieutenant
  • Rushmore Rushmore
  • Best in Show Best in Show
  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
  • Clue Clue
  • Clerks II Clerks II

Films I Own

Nick Chaney

Nick Chaney 549 films

These are the films that I own. Both DVD and Blu-ray.

  • Seven Samurai Seven Samurai
  • The Lady Vanishes The Lady Vanishes
  • Amarcord Amarcord
  • The 400 Blows The 400 Blows
  • Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast

My Criterion Collection Blu-rays


russman 388 films 3 5

Sorted by ascending spine number

I don't know why I even bother updating this list. I have almost all of…

  • Contempt Contempt
  • Time Masters Time Masters
  • The Mirror The Mirror
  • Even Dwarfs Started Small Even Dwarfs Started Small
  • Visitor Q Visitor Q
  • The Night of the Hunter The Night of the Hunter
  • The Red Shoes The Red Shoes
  • Persona Persona
  • The Passion of Joan of Arc The Passion of Joan of Arc
  • Seven Samurai Seven Samurai

Criterion [Ranked]


Akira Kurusawa: 4
Wes Anderson: 8
Ingmar Bergman: 6
Hiroshi Teshigahara: 3
Stanley Kubrick: 3
Richard Linklater: 3

  • Les Vampires Les Vampires
  • The Smiling Madame Beudet The Smiling Madame Beudet
  • The Wheel The Wheel
  • Napoleon Napoleon
  • À propos de Nice À propos de Nice

French Cinema to Watch

These are French films I haven't yet seen but need to watch in the near future.

  • 8½
  • Diabolique Diabolique
  • Tokyo Drifter Tokyo Drifter
  • The Red Shoes The Red Shoes
  • Rushmore Rushmore
  • The Weight of Water The Weight of Water
  • Shoot the Piano Player Shoot the Piano Player
  • The Kid The Kid
  • The Loveless The Loveless
  • Sunnyside Sunnyside

First-Timers 2014

Steven Flores

Steven Flores 263 films 1 2

A list of the first-timers I saw in 2014.

  • The Haunted Castle The Haunted Castle
  • The Astronomer's Dream The Astronomer's Dream
  • Four Heads Are Better Than One Four Heads Are Better Than One
  • The Impossible Voyage The Impossible Voyage
  • Convict 13 Convict 13

Underseen Films (<500)

Sam Bell

Sam Bell 136 films 2 1

Films you should watch, with under 500 checks on Letterboxd.

Some of them are masterpieces, others not, but all highly…

  • Thirteen Thirteen
  • In Good Company In Good Company
  • Forrest Gump Forrest Gump
  • Secrets & Lies Secrets & Lies
  • A Single Man A Single Man

Video Collection

Bobby Warren

Bobby Warren 3,129 films 3

Here is an almost complete list of all the movies I own on DVD, Blu Ray, or Ultraviolet.

  • (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer
  • Adventureland Adventureland
  • Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland
  • Amadeus Amadeus
  • Anatomy of a Murder Anatomy of a Murder

Blu-Ray Collection

Craig Duffy

Craig Duffy 380 films 2 7

Between my wife and I, we are accumulating quite the collection.

  • The Blue Angel The Blue Angel
  • The Blue Angel The Blue Angel
  • The Divorcee The Divorcee
  • The Haunted Ship The Haunted Ship
  • Hell's Angels Hell's Angels