• Barney Rubble

    ★½ Watched by Barney Rubble 27 Sep, 2014

    Watched this while very baked, still not funny.


  • HorsHedBookends

    ★★★★½ Added by HorsHedBookends

    Raucous and rowdy, Ted is not for everyone, but I definitely enjoyed myself.


  • Dustin Baker

    ★★★ Rewatched by Dustin Baker 27 Sep, 2014

    Even being high myself on oxycodone didn't make this anything more than average.


  • LiteralVis

    ★½ Watched by LiteralVis 28 Sep, 2014

    Seth MacFarlane continues his life work - assembling strings of pop culture references peppered with farts, misogyny and racism to be passed off as "comedy". This got a few legitimate chuckles out of me in the 106 minutes (Almost two hours?!? Ugh.) but most of it just happened as I passively watched. It was a clever concept, I was waiting for them to do something clever with it. Even the Flash Gordon gags were pretty flat and, as a lifelong fan, hearing about them was the main reason I finally hit play. I feel like a sucker. I should've just watched Flash Gordon.


  • Windyblue

    ★½ Added by Windyblue

    Rape culture - trivializes and endorses male sexual violence

    Meh. Walburg's interacting 'with' a greenscreen is pretty good, but I'm bored and I didn't laugh. Honestly Macfarlane's sense of humour is wearing a little thin. It's just poop jokes and rape culture, and he has no other tricks coming.


  • Powernudel

    Added by Powernudel

    Dieser Film ist wie eine Kola ohne Zitronenschnitz - ein schlechter Witz!


  • Carlos Rodríguez

    ★★★★ Watched by Carlos Rodríguez 24 Jan, 2013

    I may not be the biggest Family Guy fan in the world (although I really enjoy that show and its occasional brilliance), but still I was eager to watch this live-action comedy written and directed by its creator. It left me pleased because in spite of its inconsistency in the laugh department, it was thoroughly entertaining and fun to watch. Seth MacFarlane conceived a very nice story led by himself providing the voice of a very peculiar teddy bear, Mark…


  • Grooveman

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Grooveman 15 Sep, 2014 1

    "Chris Brown can do no wrong!"


  • Kamil

    ★½ Watched by Kamil 14 Sep, 2014 2

    English tl;dr
    What do you honestly expect me to say about a comedy where the soundtrack was clearly the best part for me?
    Despite a somehow original idea the formula 'inner child, random pop culture reference, farts, "fuck", awkward timing, 9/11 jokes, poop' just didn't do it for me apart from only very few laughs. Since I did like the humor in Family Guy I was seriously shocked how poorly it fit into a more or less serious (but terribly…


  • Sam Williams

    ★½ Watched by Sam Williams 13 Sep, 2014

    "I thought you'd be funnier."


  • Jonathan Poritsky

    ★½ Watched by Jonathan Poritsky 13 Sep, 2014

    A few laughs, sure, but this is just more of the usual mean-spirited, referential crap from MacFarlane. For example: what's funny about recreating a scene from Airplane!? What's the joke?


  • John Connor

    ★½ Watched by John Connor 15 Jul, 2012

    Okay, I'll admit, I just don't click with Seth MacFarlane's sense of humour. I've never dug 'Family Guy', and I got not much more than a few giggles out of this. And in a film with as little plot as this one, if there's no laughs there's not much left.