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  • Thirteen Thirteen
  • In Good Company In Good Company
  • Forrest Gump Forrest Gump
  • Secrets & Lies Secrets & Lies
  • A Single Man A Single Man

Video Collection

Bobby Warren

Bobby Warren 3,087 films 3

Here is an almost complete list of all the movies I own on DVD, Blu Ray, or Ultraviolet.

  • Silver Bullet Silver Bullet
  • Monsterwolf Monsterwolf
  • I Was a Teenage Werewolf I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  • Werewolf Woman Werewolf Woman
  • The Beast Must Die The Beast Must Die

October Horror-Thon (aka I have no life in October) 2014


maskull 70 films 2 1

Every year I go completely insane in the month of October and try to watch as many horror movies as…

  • Vertigo Vertigo
  • Rear Window Rear Window
  • Psycho Psycho
  • North by Northwest North by Northwest
  • Strangers on a Train Strangers on a Train
  • Rebecca Rebecca
  • Saboteur Saboteur
  • Shadow of a Doubt Shadow of a Doubt
  • Lifeboat Lifeboat
  • Notorious Notorious
  • The Witches The Witches
  • The Exorcist The Exorcist
  • The Conjuring The Conjuring
  • Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus
  • The Shining The Shining

Getting into the Halloween spirit


emway 127 films 1

Some movies to get into the Halloween spirit. Something missing? Recommend it to me, please!

  • Permanent Midnight Permanent Midnight
  • Broken City Broken City
  • Warm Bodies Warm Bodies
  • Drew: The Man Behind the Poster Drew: The Man Behind the Poster
  • The Color of Money The Color of Money

2014 First Time Watches


DarthTarantino 208 films

Movies I've seen for the first time in 2014.

TL= 28 TA= 16 TP= 16

TC= 19 TO= 3 BD=…

  • Halloween Halloween
  • 1408 1408
  • 28 Days Later... 28 Days Later...
  • 28 Weeks Later 28 Weeks Later
  • Alien Alien



CallumEnglish 231 films

An ongoing list of horror movies I've seen.

  • Force of Evil Force of Evil
  • The Lifeguard The Lifeguard
  • Escape from L.A. Escape from L.A.
  • Welcome to the Punch Welcome to the Punch
  • Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky…
  • Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus
  • Rosemary's Baby Rosemary's Baby
  • Don't Look Now Don't Look Now
  • Suspiria Suspiria
  • Psycho Psycho
  • The ABCs of Death The ABCs of Death
  • Adaptation. Adaptation.
  • The Adjustment Bureau The Adjustment Bureau
  • Adoration Adoration
  • Afro Samurai Afro Samurai

My Blu-ray Collection: A-D


bulletproofQpid 235 films 1

What I own on Blu-ray, minus The Criterion Collection, which can be found here:

  • Chaplin Chaplin
  • The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Her Her
  • Goodfellas Goodfellas
  • Los Angeles Plays Itself Los Angeles Plays Itself

2014 Watchlist

Spencer Lindenman

Spencer Lindenman 170 films

Movies watched in the year 2014.

  • 3 Women 3 Women
  • 8½
  • 12 Angry Men 12 Angry Men
  • Twelve Monkeys Twelve Monkeys
  • 12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave

Movies I Own (Blu-Ray)


Aaron 800 films 10 15

My Blu-Ray collection, sorted (mostly) alphabetically.

My DVD collection (if you're interested).