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  • $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story
  • (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer
  • [REC] [REC]
  • [REC]² [REC]²
  • [REC]³ Genesis [REC]³ Genesis
  • Casablanca Casablanca
  • Limitless Limitless
  • I'm for the Hippopotamus I'm for the Hippopotamus
  • The King's Speech The King's Speech
  • Blueberry Blueberry

Schröcks Fernsehgarten


Crispy 2,293 films 2 Edit

Aktueller Stand/Last update: 03/03/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy).


Seit August 2013 präsentiert Daniel Schröckert auf dem Youtube-Kanel der Rocketbeans seine Fernsehtipps des…

  • The Fall of the House of Usher The Fall of the House of Usher
  • The Haunted Castle The Haunted Castle
  • Frankenstein Frankenstein
  • King Kong King Kong
  • The Bride of Frankenstein The Bride of Frankenstein
  • Evil Dead II Evil Dead II
  • Videodrome Videodrome
  • RoboCop RoboCop
  • The Thing The Thing
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Time Masters Time Masters
  • The Mirror The Mirror
  • Even Dwarfs Started Small Even Dwarfs Started Small
  • Visitor Q Visitor Q
  • Stroszek Stroszek
  • Rebel Without a Cause Rebel Without a Cause
  • Me and Orson Welles Me and Orson Welles
  • Galaxy Quest Galaxy Quest
  • Sherlock, Jr. Sherlock, Jr.
  • These Birds Walk These Birds Walk
  • Arabesque Arabesque
  • Carry On Spying Carry On Spying
  • Carry On Cleo Carry On Cleo
  • Carry On Cowboy Carry On Cowboy
  • Carry on Screaming Carry on Screaming


Sascha Nolte

Sascha Nolte 438 films 1 Edit

Films I've seen in 2014.

  • Chef Chef
  • Fury Fury
  • What If What If
  • The Interview The Interview
  • Vivre Sa Vie Vivre Sa Vie

Films Watched in 2015

Andres Guzman

Andres Guzman 67 films Edit

These are the films I've seen in 2015.

  • The Last Five Years The Last Five Years
  • Welcome to Dongmakgol Welcome to Dongmakgol
  • Whiplash Whiplash
  • Birdman Birdman
  • Nativity! Nativity!

2015 - Ranked

Hannah M

Hannah M 42 films Edit

In order according to Flickchart rankings, not necessarily star rankings. To be revamped at the end of the year when…

  • Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow
  • Blue Ruin Blue Ruin
  • The Babadook The Babadook
  • Life Itself Life Itself
  • The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

Ridley's New Year's Resolution Master List

Steve Hunt

Steve Hunt 66 films Edit

I've taken it upon myself to try and clear out my backlog. It's pretty big, so I decided that 2015…

  • Eyes Wide Shut Eyes Wide Shut
  • Barry Lyndon Barry Lyndon
  • Compliance Compliance
  • Palo Alto Palo Alto
  • Berberian Sound Studio Berberian Sound Studio

2015 Home Viewing

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith 48 films Edit

The majority of these will be first watches but I will include a few rewatches depending on how long it's…

  • Killer Joe Killer Joe
  • Wish I Was Here Wish I Was Here
  • The Sheik The Sheik
  • Think Like a Man Too Think Like a Man Too
  • Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

2015 First Time Watches (In order of viewing)


ralfeminem 62 films Edit

My goal is to watch 365 movies this year that I've never seen.