• Jamestuddsworth

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Jamestuddsworth 03 Sep, 2015

    Better than Friday The 13th in every way.


  • Alex Vlad

    ★★★★ Watched by Alex Vlad 31 Aug, 2015 1

    So much better than Friday The 13th.


  • morayshir

    ★★★ Watched by morayshir 30 Aug, 2015

    La sombra de los slasher desde finales de los 70 en adelante es alargadísima, y está llena de auténtica bazofia. Este, por suerte no es el caso. Bastante digna y relativa y desmerecidamente desconocida, esta The Burning está llena de buenos momentos, una fotografía de lo más decente y posiblemente una de las primeras apariciones de Holly Hunter (pocos actores de aquella generación no han empezado con una peli de terror... Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, Naomi Watts... la lista es larguísima).
    Como curiosidad, es la primera peli que produjo la famosa Miramax, ex compañía de los Weinstein.


  • Egon

    ★★★½ Added by Egon

    One of the best and grisliest slasher flicks to come out of the 80's. Often dismissed as a Friday the 13th clone, it's actually much better than Friday and most of its sequels. The characters are actually quite likeable, there's plenty of summer camp atmosphere and genuine suspense, and Cropsy (with his trusty garden shears) makes a great slasher villain. Of course it's all predictable and cheesy, but that's just part of the movie's charm! The Burning is best remembered…


  • Lee Russell

    ★★★½ Added by Lee Russell

    Once woefully edited down, now one can go back and discover the stars before they were stars, impressive Savini FX/make-up work, the well-developed atmosphere.

    The taking of the Cropsey urban legends from New York state and mixing them in with a seemingly Giallo-influenced killer, who bides his time until the gory final third of the film, works incredibly well. The acting is well-above the middle-of-the-road for the genre, and this really feels like real kids at a real camp at…


  • Richard Doyle

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Richard Doyle 11 Aug, 2015

    A fairly solid early slasher film mainly known for early appearances by Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter, and for Tom Savini's effects work. It moves at a nice pace and has decent performances from Alexander and other recognizable folks like Brian Backer (from "Fast Times at Ridgmont High") and Fisher Stevens. In addition to Savini's effects work (which is good, but not as good as his work on "Maniac" or "The Prowler"), there's a fair amount of nudity, all of…


  • Tim Sanders

    ★★ Added by Tim Sanders

    For a lot of slasher buffs, “The Burning” is sort of considered to be the Holy Grail of the genre, and now that it has finally resurfaced on DVD, it has been born anew. If only it had been worth waiting for this whole time. It boasts some gruesome special effects from gore guru Tom Savini, and that, along with some great poster art, is really all this routine movie has to offer.

    The film was the launching pad for…


  • Sirivof

    ★★★½ Watched by Sirivof 11 Aug, 2015

    "The burning" es sin dudas una de las mejores películas Slasher que existen, un clásico olvidado. Este subgénero es sin duda uno de los mas explotados en el cine de terror, se considera a "Navidades negras (1974)" como la primera en su tipo (Aunque tiene antecesores como "La matanza de Texas [1974], Psicosis [1960] o El fotógrafo del pánico [1960]) Pero este subgénero pasa completamente desapercibido si no esta 1978 con el boom surgido a través de la obra maestra…


  • cinemacide

    ★★½ Rewatched by cinemacide 03 Aug, 2015

    Not the best if the slasher era but certainly part of it. Good stuff for fans. The rest, move on...


  • cbarky79

    ★★★ Watched by cbarky79 01 Aug, 2015 4

    This would make an odd, but strangely entertaining double bill with WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. Slasher films are not my favorite subgenre of horror, to put it mildly, but The Burning has a bit of a cult reputation, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a film that felt like it could be enjoyed BY horror fans and people who don't usually go for horror films. Part of that is the structure--after the initial set-up, pre-credits origin story of 'Cropsy',…


  • Hooded Justice

    Rewatched by Hooded Justice 31 Jul, 2015

    "There was a camp not far from here, just across the lake..."

    Bob and Harvey Weinstein hop on board the slasher bandwagon, bringing along for the ride special makeup effects artist Tom Savini (who also receives a "horror sequences designed by" credit), composer Rick Wakeman (who had recently defected from Yes for the second time), and hungry actors Jason Alexander (who can't stop yammering about masturbation), Fisher Stevens (who moons the camera about 29 minutes in), and Holly Hunter (who…


  • Airunh23

    ★★★ Rewatched by Airunh23 29 Jul, 2015

    Rating: C+