• Andrew Milito

    ★★★½ Watched by Andrew Milito 26 Jun, 2016 4

    I feel like I'm slowly warming up to Wes Anderson, but he just isn't capable of making a film that blows me away.

    For better or worse, The Darjeeling Limited is the same film Wes Anderson has been making for his entire career. Following three estranged brothers hoping to reunite on a spiritual journey across India, the movie deals with a lot of familiar Wes Anderson themes: aside from the aforementioned estranged siblings, a sense of melancholy and his familiar…



    ★★★★ Added by ANTONIOP

    Underrated Wes, One of my faves


  • Brian

    ★★ Watched by Brian 24 Nov, 2015

    confirmed: I don't understand Wes Anderson movies


  • Marcos Araujo

    ★★★ Watched by Marcos Araujo 24 Jun, 2016

    Esperava mais...


  • bigDUCK

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by bigDUCK 22 Jun, 2016

    Let's go get a drink and smoke a cigarette...


  • Jakob Holiday

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Jakob Holiday 21 Jun, 2016

    not my fav wez but probably my fav, or 2nd to fav, shot wez. the camera work is just insane.


  • Estácio Basso

    ★★★½ Watched by Estácio Basso 18 Jun, 2016

    Só as cores já tornam esse filme obrigatório para ser visto.


  • mook

    ★★★ Rewatched by mook 17 Jun, 2016

    I'm not really a fan of Wes Anderson and I've seen this before but I decided to give this another go since my wife hadn't seen it before and it had previously made it's way onto this list.

    It gives you everything you'd expect from a Wes Anderson film; the familiar cast, the great set/production design, the offbeat quirkiness etc.

    What's different is that this seemed to have a bit more heart than his other films, and there wasn't so…


  • August Morin

    ★★★ Watched by August Morin 16 Jun, 2016 1

    Scavenger Hunt 15 - June 2016 - Task # 25: A film with a slow motion scene.

    Well here's to the first disappointment of Scav 15. The dollhouse feeling that I found so endearing in The Grand Budapest Hotel rubbed me in an inexplicably wrong way. The colors that Anderson chose were vibrant, but the other quirks felt forced. Hopefully The Royal Tenenbaums will treat me better.


  • Carsten Knox

    Added by Carsten Knox

    Wes Anderson


  • weaselsort

    ★★★★ Rewatched by weaselsort 15 Jun, 2016

    It's so fitting in an odd way that Wes Anderson makes a film about forgotten children and it becomes the forgotten child of his filmography. It's maybe the closest of his films to the idea of a parody of his style, but it's got some of his most ambitious camerawork, economy of story, and is his most human film. It needs to be reconsidered.


  • leroymarko

    ★★★★ Watched by leroymarko 15 Jun, 2016

    Three brothers go to India to bond after many years spent apart. They also want to find their mother who's now working there as a nun. This movie works a lot better as a comedy than as a drama. Lots of hilarious scenes. The story is pretty good and the cinematography is beautiful (I love the colors!). The three lead actors are fantastic. And Bill Murray is great even though he doesn't say a word! Good soundtrack.