• wiz52

    ½ Watched by wiz52 21 Aug, 2015

    Dreadful. Crass with barely a snigger. You know when you're watching something and you're embarrassed for everyone involved? That.


  • Degaré Moreau

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  • Ramon Paolo Alfar

    ★★★ Rewatched by Ramon Paolo Alfar 25 Aug, 2015

    The third collaboration of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles is not as much edgy as their previous works, but still a welcome one (and arguably a better one than "Bruno"). This time, they took the route of the political satire than the mockumentary.

    Cohen is Admiral General Aladeen, the pompous commander-in-chief of the Republic of Wadiya. And on the promotional materials featured, he is really fun to watch. On the movie however, it was a mixed bag.…


  • mmund2

    ★★★ Added by mmund2

    the humor is too conventional (sascha baron cohen became americanized) and too predictable (even my 13 year old brother saw the joke a mile away)


  • Lucyan

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    2012 Birthday class mate


  • BennyWestside

    ★★★½ Added by BennyWestside

    Funny film, but the most forgettable of Sacha Baron Cohen's Trilogy of funny voiced character films.


  • Guilherme Bruno

    ★★★★½ Watched by Guilherme Bruno 09 Aug, 2015



  • Dániel Hári

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Dániel Hári 14 Aug, 2015


  • kennedij

    ★★★½ Added by kennedij

    I am a comedy person and "The Dictator" was the movie to see for that genre. In the first two minutes I was already laughing. The movie combined inappropriate humor with witty opinions of our justice system and America's opposition to other countries governments. While being hilarious, the movie also demonstrated political points that may have been overlooked by the normal viewer. I really liked this movie though and how much it made me laugh.


  • DiegoSanchez

    ★★★½ Watched by DiegoSanchez 12 Aug, 2015

    Enorme Sacha, vuelve pronto crack!!!


  • Jon Tucker

    ★★★ Added by Jon Tucker

    ( B- ) Had some pretty funny stuff in this movie about some very taboo topics while still remaining silly enough not to get offended. Not the greatest but def entertaining. Cleverly draws some paralells between Aladeen's madness and some US policies. This may start a new trend of romantic comedies about down on their luck evil dictators. Something that Osama Bin Laden could've taken his many wives to go see on a saturday night.


  • silenttom

    ★★½ Watched by silenttom 20 May, 2012

    Effective satire is often elusive, especially in mainstream theatrical comedy. Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his daring shock work as an undercover character who reveals the hypocrisy of others, decided to go for a more traditional comedic arc and story to convey his message. At least, that's what he did in theory. In practice though, he crafts a forgettable derivative of his typical comedic style. The character of Aladeen is clearly pointed at the brazen opulence of many a tyrannical…