• Ottolumiere

    ★★★½ Watched by Ottolumiere 28 Jun, 2015

    Humor a mi medida, de manera total políticamente incorrecto


  • Tiago Massoni

    ★★★ Watched by Tiago Massoni 26 Jun, 2015

    Some funny jokes...but nothing Nice.


  • Matthias

    ★★★½ Watched by Matthias 11 Jun, 2015

    General Aladeen: Oh it's a girl. I'm so sorry. Where's the trashcan?


  • Flo Lieb

    ½ Watched by Flo Lieb 09 Jun, 2015

    I award .5 stars for every time I laughed.


  • lil_vixen

    ★★½ Added by lil_vixen

    I've seen the movie a couple of times now and I must say it has a few good laughs.

    As most roles Sascha Baron cohen knows his stereotypes. In this new movie he goes down the same road of Ali G by having a rather poor plot, it seems to run along the same lines as 'Coming to America' albeit a completely racist,vulgar, sexist bigot filled version. The story plot doesn't really work as well for Cohen's skills if you…


  • Brett Hatten

    ★★★ Added by Brett Hatten

    Perfectly mediocre but at least had some legitimate laughs (unlike, 'Bruno')


  • Moe Acharki

    ★★★½ Watched by Moe Acharki 08 May, 2015

    Another hilarious film by Sacha Baron Cohen.

    79% out of 100%


  • Stifmeister

    ★★★ Watched by Stifmeister 06 May, 2015

    So how come Ben Kingsley was the bad guy.. I wonder.


  • phreak2day

    ★★ Watched by phreak2day 18 Apr, 2015

    Predictable jokes, but still better than Brüno.


  • Jamie Rogers

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Jamie Rogers 14 Apr, 2015

    The Dictator is an offensive, crude, outrageous, and overall amusing film.

    It has its fair share of jokes that don't exactly hit their mark, and some that fall flat altogether, but they are made up for with the many jokes that hit and a talented and funny cast.


  • ekpyrosis

    ★★ Watched by ekpyrosis 12 Apr, 2015

    Molte gag sono cattive ed efficaci.. Il film punta sulla risata "forte" e la provocazione cinica.

    L'impianto narrativo però, per quanto sia anche logicamente la parte meno importante in questo tipo di film, emana una continua sensazione di già visto. Situazione demenziali semplicemente funzionali alle battute e all'ironia feroce del film, ma nessuna novità o idea realmente dirompente, capace di rendere più interessante la sceneggiatura ed i personaggi raccontati.
    Si spinge solo sul tasso di "scorrettezza" comica, ma riproducendo situazioni…


  • Reece Leonard

    ★★ Added by Reece Leonard

    More obvious and slickly produced than his previous successes, "The Dictator" has a somewhat coherent message that should be discussed, but it fails at it's most important goal: it's just not funny.