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  • Grand Illusion Grand Illusion
  • Seven Samurai Seven Samurai
  • The Lady Vanishes The Lady Vanishes
  • Amarcord Amarcord
  • The 400 Blows The 400 Blows

The Criterion Collection

John Ryan

John Ryan 621 films 2 18

An ongoing list of the Criterion films I've seen.

List in order of spine number.

Not all films viewed on…

  • Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom
  • The Royal Tenenbaums The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Rushmore Rushmore
  • Being John Malkovich Being John Malkovich
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox Fantastic Mr. Fox

Movies I’ve Watched (Chronological)


GeoffreyMcPhail 789 films

February 6, 2013 - Present

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol The Muppet Christmas Carol
  • For Your Eyes Only For Your Eyes Only
  • Octopussy Octopussy
  • A View to a Kill A View to a Kill
  • The Seventh Seal The Seventh Seal
  • Seven Samurai Seven Samurai
  • Amarcord Amarcord
  • The 400 Blows The 400 Blows
  • Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast
  • A Night to Remember A Night to Remember

Criterion Collection

Carson Joiner

Carson Joiner 232 films 2

A list of the Criterion Collection and Essential Art House films that I own in order by spine number.

  • Taxi Driver Taxi Driver
  • Jaws Jaws
  • 3 Women 3 Women
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock Picnic at Hanging Rock
  • The Godfather The Godfather

My 200+ Favorite Films of All-Time

Dylan Tyner

Dylan Tyner 205 films 6 8

The top 10 or so films are relatively in order. If I were to start putting the rest of the…

  • Three Kings Three Kings
  • I Heart Huckabees I Heart Huckabees
  • American Hustle American Hustle
  • Blow Blow
  • Lone Survivor Lone Survivor

Films I've watched in 2014

Rohan Morbey

Rohan Morbey 283 films

I'm keeping a list of every film I watch in 2014.

  • Diamonds of the Night Diamonds of the Night
  • Chocolate Chocolate
  • Ratcatcher Ratcatcher
  • Knife in the Water Knife in the Water
  • Thief Thief

Ranking Feature Debuts


amb 17 films

Ranking the feature debuts of some prominent directors.
You might notice that this has shockingly little bearing on how anyone…

  • Persona Persona
  • Rashomon Rashomon
  • The Sting The Sting
  • Rebel Without a Cause Rebel Without a Cause
  • House House

Non-2010s Films I Saw In 2014 - Ranked

Josh Rosenfield

Josh Rosenfield 47 films

First-time watches only. An ongoing list. Best to worst.

  • Cat People Cat People
  • Dawn of the Dead Dawn of the Dead
  • Eraserhead Eraserhead
  • Grave of the Fireflies Grave of the Fireflies
  • The Man in the White Suit The Man in the White Suit

Science fiction movies I need to watch


Chris 298 films

I am constantly shocked by how many good science fiction movies I have not seen. Here is a collection of…

  • Grand Hotel Grand Hotel
  • Awakenings Awakenings
  • For All Mankind For All Mankind
  • Kiss of Death Kiss of Death
  • Match Point Match Point

Films First Seen In, but not released during, 2014


fonz 143 films

Between my DVR, Hulu and Amazon Prime, my queue is close to 200. Personally, I blame TCM, how dare they…

  • Blackfish Blackfish
  • Bastards Bastards
  • Computer Chess Computer Chess
  • The World's End The World's End
  • Before Sunset Before Sunset

Films Watched in 2014


Levi 160 films

Every feature length film I watched in 2014, in the order they were viewed. Notes indicate films I watched multiple…

  • Contempt Contempt
  • Time Masters Time Masters
  • The Mirror The Mirror
  • Deep Red Deep Red
  • Even Dwarfs Started Small Even Dwarfs Started Small