• BennyWestside

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    Cameron Diaz did even bug me in this movie, so that has a lot going for it. And Seth Rogen makes for a surprisingly good superhero.


  • George Morris

    ★★ Watched by George Morris 07 May, 2013

    Michel Gondry, why on Earth were you attached to this? Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's script doesn't dazzle near as much as it needs to, with jokes that fall surprisingly flat compared to the pair's other work. The protagonists are unlikable, the villain is a bore (what a waste of Christoph Waltz) and Cameron Diaz is here for no good reason either. If it wasn't for the fluid direction and cinematography, there'd be no reason to remember this film existing. It's not offensively bad, it's just a bit of a nothing experience...


  • Aurora Esterlia

    ★★★½ Added by Aurora Esterlia

    It's funny action movie that so green, almost like Batman with the bunch of full gadgets like James Bond, but played by Chinese man.
    ha ha ha.
    Seth Rogen and Jay Chou were so perfect and this funny action movie was actually a serious movie because the movie gave us a great background how these people became anti-hero. Even the love story was so serious at the light-level and very well-done script, I mean it.
    One of the plus was the director really want to shoot Edward Furlong in it.
    "WHY? WHY? WHY?", and I love it.


  • Dante Hemingway

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    Sorry Michele Gondry.


  • Qiming

    ★★★ Watched by Qiming 13 Aug, 2015

    It was not as good as I remembered when I first watched it.


  • QDB

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    Brit: "I want you to take my hand and come with me on this adventure!"
    Kato: "I'll go with you, but I don't want to touch you."

    A comedic take on the old Batman-esque “Green Hornet” serials? Maybe this could work.

    119 Minutes Later.

    How on earth did a sound idea go so wrong?!?

    The entire joke this film is based around seems to be that the Green Hornet is an incompetent rich party animal and that his sidekick Kato…


  • Andrew Willis

    ★★ Watched by Andrew Willis 11 May, 2011

    I'm not sure what happened here. The Green Hornet was a classic TV show with a small following. Hollywood got the idea to capitalize on the resurgence of superhero movies (no matter how insignificant) by releasing a feature film of the crime fighting duo. They went in a bold direction with whom they decided to helm the project.

    Michael Gondry was announced as the films director. You might know Mr Gondry from his masterpiece Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.…


  • Joel Halvarsson

    ★★★★ Watched by Joel Halvarsson 10 Aug, 2015

    This is a silly and funny superhero-movie released before it got cool. Too bad, i would have loved to see more of Jay Chou as Kato. And how could i ever dislike a superhero-movie featuring ''Gangsta's Paradise'' in it's soundtrack. And ofcourse with an absolutely hilarious perfomance by Waltz


  • t2kickassjedi

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    The Green Hornet is a fun action film with a cool concept and Seth Rogen and Jay Chou are hilarious. Also Christoph Waltz gives a great performance.


  • Brett Leach

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Brett Leach 20 Jul, 2015

    I think this movie was a victim of the sad, current trend of reviewing a movie based on the bad press before it is even seen. I think The Lone Ranger and John Carter were also victims of this fad. This movie is incredibly funny and exciting. It would have instantly become my favorite movie if I was thirteen.


  • mfulton

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  • orangenosea

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    2011 忘記在哪看的